Which is the better collectable card battler for iOS: Hearthstone or Magic 2015?

"The tactile nature of the touchscreen and the easy way you can hook up with people online has made mobile a natural home for a variety of card games.

Naturally that includes those ever-laying golden geese, collectable games.

For all the pretenders that have come and gone, Magic: the Gathering remains the undisputed champion of the genre. And, of course, it has a mobile version: Duels of the Planeswalkers.

But Blizzard wasn't content to let the champ have it its own way. Its offering, Hearthstone went the whole hog. It ditched the material game completely, and put it all online."

But which is best?

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Jdoki1954d ago


Magic 2015 is the worst implementation of the game ever created.