The Last Of Us Remastered: First 24 Hours Gameplay Impression

The Last of Us was a major hit on the PlayStation 3, winning over 200 awards for its innovative gameplay. The story plot was cleverly conveyed via cutting edge technology that pushed the PS3 to its very limits.

The Last of Us was in a way PlayStation 3's last big hoorah! As it gracefully accepted its global round of applause before allowing the PS4 to take center stage. Although some great games have since launched on PlayStation 3 since then proving there is still life in the old dog yet, there aren't a lot of games that have had such overwhelming requests for a remastered port on Sony's PS4.

After all the rumors and officially announcements, have finally got their hands on The Last of Us Remastered and this is what they think after playing it for 24 hours.

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alvinmiller921963d ago

This didn't have a lot of replay value for me, will probably wait a month till the price drops and think about picking it up again.

EdnaJones971963d ago

I loved this on the PS3, played twice before left behind came out.

henrythomas2841963d ago

couldn't agree more, but the reclaimed multiplayer DLC maps are still why my friends and I still play it. So really looking forward to that again.

PaleMoonDeath1963d ago

Grounded Difficulty, Multiplayer with quite a bit of DLC, Left Behind, and a bunch of trophies to snatch, probably one of the most replayable games out there right now.

If you didn't like the MP I understand, I personally haven't touched any of the DLC, just the single player and the MP, can't wait to get back in there with gameplay enchancements, online will be sick.

ArronNelson1963d ago

Been playing since last night, it look even better now than before :)

Letthewookiewin1963d ago

It looks and plays fantastic. It was definitely worth picking up the remaster.

Dynasty20211963d ago

The one thing I'm looking forward to, is that this might finally put the 60 vs 30 FPS debate to bed.

60 as standard from now on, no excuses please.

Almost every review is highlighting how much better games run and play at 60 FPS compared to 30, making aiming easier, more responsive etc.

vandal GAB1962d ago

Unfortunately the current gen consoles don't have enough horse power to run all the up coming games at 1080p 60fps without a drastic reduction in visual quality.

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