Are PSN Cards Worth Buying?

Are the PSN Cards worth purchasing instead of using the credit card on the Playstation Store?

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dasbeer881958d ago

They're plastic, they're filtering onto our landfills though.

psuedo1958d ago

What isnt? Recyclying is just a ploy invented to inject money into the "economy." Same as the whole green agenda, same as global warming. Sure the trash goes into the landfills. Wtf doesnt? Im sure theres a lot YOU could do to keep all that plastic out of the landfills. Which is hardly our worst problem.

thorstein1958d ago

Wait. What!?!! We environmentalists have an agenda now? I mean, other that stopping pollution. warming...wat?

Kurisu1958d ago

Yea, dasbeer. There's SO much you can do to keep that plastic out of landfills. I think you should become a horder. Keep everything plastic you buy. KEEP IT ALL! For the love of god and all humanity, keep it.


JakemanPS319941958d ago

No they are not. They are made out of cardboard :/ I would know i buy them all the time

xHeavYx1958d ago

You must be the kind of person who doesn't leave home without a tinfoil hat

I use both, that's how cool I am

Sy_Wolf1958d ago

Recycling is a thing and you don't need to get a physical card to keep your credit card off of Sony's servers. So yes, it's worth it.

Pain1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

PSN Xbox itunes ext are Great imo! I don't like using my cc for small cash things or like adding my personal info into anything so... yea and what if your young and don't have any other way to buy something like a game or dlc if you don't have a cc?

AND!!! i recycle them with my paper/plastics i just pack them in with other small paper/plastic to get recycled like all should be doing and if your not your a slob.

keep the world clean!

admiralvic1958d ago

Or you could just buy digital PSN cards and avoid that problem altogether...

AfterThought1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


God you're an idiot, the same idiots that continually make our world worse everyday.

Global warming is very real and it has been proven by so many physicist and scientist that we are the absolute cause as to why it is happening so fast, none of them will deny that it is a natural occurrence, the earth goes through many cycles but we are increasing the rate by the massive amount of emissions we push into the air.

On top of gasoline ruining or only protection from the sun and space itself, our ozone layer.

Hell any simpleton can see that actual data and understand we are the cause just by seeing the amount of carbon dioxide that is in the air that significantly increases every year, no other way to get such high carbon readings from anything else. Gasoline and all these factories all produce carbon dioxide, something we cannot breath and we are putting too much carbon dioxide in the air that eventually even plants can't handle the transfer, which again has been proven in great detail as to why.

History constantly repeats itself and we even used to use mercury in gasoline, once again scientist tried to warn everyone we were literally filling the air and water with mercury at an alarming rate, you know how long it took for people to finally realize... After tons of people were getting sick dying, had ridiculously high amounts of mercury in the air and even the scientist risking their lives to study the crap died from mercury poisoning.

So finally after several years, they finally removed mercury from gasoline but you bet your ass those people who were selling the mercury used in gasoline fought it tooth and nail regardless of all the proof people brought to the table proving mercury is highly poisonous to us. As if it wasn't an already know fact before that since the entire Roman empire fell because they chose to use lead pipes to run their water when even then they knew it was poisonous, as always money comes before safety and since it was cheaper to use lead they didn't give a crap and look at them now.. Dead, one of the biggest empires just completely gone because of their own selfish greed and stupidity.

Now the entire world is set on that same track, as almost every country doesn't really give much of a shit especially places like China, I mean have you seen China...? Pretty damn good example of the future we have to look forward to and that is just one country.

Here were are again and as always history is repeating. People act like everyone is getting so much smarter as time goes by but we keep making the same idiotic mistakes over and over again.

I love how you seem like an expert on plastic, actually no, just like idiots messing around with nuclear matter which they still haven't even figured out how to dispose of, they don't even know what to do with plastic either. It isn't about knowing what to do with it but just about knowing how much money it will save them and bring in.

Go to any island on this planet now and you will see what they doing with the plastic since they don't have any way of actually getting rid of it besides just dumping it.

Not even that plastic is poisonous to humans, we aren't even supposed to touch it let alone actually drink from it because of the BPA actually saturates into our bodies, there is an alarming increasing rate of deformities and miscarriages because of plastic. Again what a lovely future we have to look forward to, a nuclear filled, blistering smog hell when we are all mutated and mangled from our all dumb ass decisions.

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Einhert1958d ago Show
MRMagoo1231958d ago

I have to agree, I only use the psn cards to get my sub paid because I dont want my credit card on any sub site.

Eddie201011958d ago

As the article says, yes they are worth buying.

Eddie201011958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Read the article, not just the tittle.

WeAreLegion1958d ago

I feel like you're asking for too much from these people.

StockpileTom1958d ago

If hashed credit card info and passwords aren't enough security for you why not have that one extra layer of security by not using your credit card at all?

There is no good reason to not have PSN cards, it can only be a positive for those that choose to use it.

700p1958d ago

Any cashcard is worth buying...

TheRealHeisenberg1958d ago

Yes, they have always been my preferred method for making purchases on PSN.

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