343 Producer Plans To Change How Halo Is Experienced With Xbox One

343 Industries Producer Kiki Wolfkill explained that she intends to transform how people experience Halo, leveraging Xbox One's capabilities.

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LavaLampGoo1962d ago

Interesting that they are trying to use Xbox Ones multimedia capabilities. After Microsoft hyped it up so much you'd think that they would be trying to do this much more...

Alexious1962d ago

Yeah, although I really don't know how successful a TV series only released on XBL can be...

TheUltimateGamer1962d ago

If that's their target audience it could be very successful. When you're talking about a game that has historically only been released for one system it makes perfect sense to target the Xbox market.

That being said.. If they were to expand the TV series to other platforms like they did with Halo Legends they just might be able to expand their player base. The Haloverse has an expansive, rich storyline... That's one of the many reasons people keep coming back to it.

I'm interested to see where this goes. It would be very cool to see others pick up on this trend.. I'd love to see Mass Effect, Destiny, Uncharted, The Last of Us, etc... have companion TV shows as long as they are well produced.

OpieWinston1962d ago

It's being released on Showtime and Xbox One.

It'll have a solid studio developing it...
It's part of the whole Halo push...The TV show will lead up to Halo 5 Guardians launch which will also connect to the games...And now being on Showtime guarantees that the show could become a full multi season series.
Halo Live action campaigns have always been strong and a big eye drawer.

Question is...How doesn't this TV series become a success?

Spielberg has done an amazing job building teams for Sci-fi series and movies...Terra Nova/Falling Skies are solid.

LAWSON721962d ago

It is on Showtime as well

AO1JMM1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

It would not be only on XBL, last I checked 343 was in talks with Showtime.

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ScorpiusX1962d ago

Sweet bring it on Mrs Wolfkill .

christian hour1962d ago

Kiki Wolfkill.. what a name! The kinda name that gets your foot in the door and brings you places. Well done Mr & Mrs Wolfkill for havign the good foresight to give your daughter an awesome name!

I will defintiely be buying a halobox for halo 5. As much as I'm annoyed with Microsoft and their conduct, I love teh halos far too much :(

ScorpiusX1962d ago

Crazy thing is that this love of racing is shared by her and brother who is over at Turn 10 . How's that for cool.

christian hour1962d ago

Her brothers in turn 10? That is crazy! Love little facts like that, thanks for sharing :) Good to see game development running in the family

Qwagy UK1962d ago

Here comes the Xbone first 10/10 game!!!

1962d ago
Aurenar1962d ago

I don't have much hope in the next Halo.

LAWSON721962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Well they have announced there are no armor abilities (in the usual sense like previous games anyway) and loadouts. I agree though I am worried about Halo 5, good news is if the MP sucks I got MCC.

If MCC actually has an amazing ranking system and they are involved with the community like Bungie used to be I might have less doubt

LAWSON721962d ago

Simply put 343i made it seem like they dont know what Halo MP is.

ScottyHoss1962d ago

It seems like the next halo style multiplayer is probably going to be destiny, it felt a lot like it but a bit faster death

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