The Last of Us Remastered Out Today on PS4

The time is here. The Last of Us Remastered in all its 1080p glory is now available in stores and digitally on the PlayStation Store! If you were lucky enough to log in late last night, you were already able to buy and download our game and start playing even quicker.

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GreenGamers1731d ago

Too bad it's only for the playstation 4. It would be awesome if naught dog decides to release it for PC!

die_fiend1731d ago

Yeah, would be awesome of Sony let their biggest developer become non-exclusive.

Crazyglues1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

The Last of Us Remastered Out Today - Yes it is playing right now...

Looks Awesome..

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Destiny10801731d ago

I guess you'll have to download another skyrim mod

SteamPowered1731d ago

Im with you chief. PC port is always welcome. A little extra revenue from PC gamers never hurt anyone.

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Meltic1731d ago

not coming until tomorrow in eu...

Fasttrack761731d ago

I take it that's not available in uk yet thou

GW2121731d ago

Wait... it is???? OH MY GOD!!!!

polorsport1730d ago

This on PC in 1440p or 4K would be Amazing.

To bad there is no PC port.