The best basketball game just got better

"It can be tricky to make a good game even better. If you're trying to improve on the best there is, it's much harder. Take NBA 2K7, for example. Easily the best basketball title released this year (and arguably of recent years as well), NBA 2K7 upped the gameplay, the AI and the number of options that players could access. Not really a lot of room for improvement, right? Enter the PS3 version, which provides a new way to fire off free throws and places much more emphasis on the controller and the shot stick."

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DJ5967d ago

was about the extra things that PS3 hardware allowed them do that wasn't possible on the 360 (better graphics, more AI, etc). Their direct statement about RSX rendering better-looking pixels than the Xenos surprised me too considering how many forum people repeatedly claim otherwise.

I'm glad Visual Concepts was bold enough to push the hardware. I'll definitely check this title out for myself.

Grown Folks Talk5967d ago

360 version 9.0 Presentation
Aside from a confusing menu interface, 2K7 offers just about everything you could ask for. The gamemodes are deep and plentiful, and the ambiant touches on the floor add the style 2K was missing.
8.5 Graphics
At times, simply gorgeous. Only some alien player faces can hold back the gorgeous animations and replays that will make you go pause.
8.0 Sound
Decent commentary and crowd noice, helped by a stellar hip-hop soundtrack.
8.0 Gameplay
Subtle improvements to the aging gameplay engine help 2K7 shine, yet problems with defense and clock AI persist.
9.0 Lasting Appeal
Association is awesome. You could spend days doing pre-draft workouts, if you wanted. 2K's online options continue to dunk on the competition.
Impressive OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)
ps3 version 8.5 Presentation
Extremely deep game options and slick TV presentation is still hindered by a poor menu layout.
8.5 Graphics
Some visuals, like stadiums and character models have been improved. Some players still look hideous though.
8.0 Sound
The soundtrack and commentary are basically the same as it was from other versions of NBA 2K7.
8.5 Gameplay
SIXAXIS controller functionality places much more emphasis on shot timing, which will definitely help with the shot stick. Overall, it improves your game.
9.0 Lasting Appeal
2K7 is just as deep as you want it to be on the PS3, with tons of options and modes that you can adjust and play to your heart's content. You'll be playing this one for a while.
(out of 10 / not an average)
so they liked the controller for ps3, the presentation better on 360, graphics the same score. basically the same grade with more time to tweak the visuals.

kmis875967d ago

The presentation wasn't necessarily better on the 360, it just lost points on the ps3 for not improving given the extra development time and the feedback to the 360 version. Released simultaneously, the two games would have gotten the same presentation scores.

But besides that they're largely the same. Only big difference was controls.

NextGen24Gamer5967d ago

Every reviewer has there own personal view. The best thing to do is take and average of all reviews...There are reviews that clearly state that the 360 version runs better and looks better....then you have IGN who rated the ps3 version better by .2 points.

But if you look at all the reviews and not just one will see that the 360 version is rated better by 4% points on the average. WOW....Not .2 but a whole 4% points...

360 Nba 2k7 average score of 8.6

Ps3 Nba 2k7 average score of 8.2

So do you believe one site's assesment...or ALL the sites assessment?

Me personally...I don't need to read one review to see the obvious....The 360's 3rd party games run better and look better than every single ps3 3rd party game. I can say so because I have both and I have compared both using the same HD TV for an actual comparisson. And the ps3 first party games have scores of 2's, 3's, 5's, and 6's. WOW....

How can you argue with the majority of gaming cites?

Even G4TV expressed how dissappointed they are in the ps3's launch games.

EnforcerOfTheTruth5967d ago (Edited 5967d ago )

You surely forgot to mention that the PS3 version just had 3 reviews. For a real comparison we have only to look at the sites that reviewed both versions:

PS3: 8.5 360: 8.2

PS3: 8.2 360: 8.2

Games Radar
PS3: 8 360: 8

Haha and the truth was again enforced. Multi account buddy where did Sony's 1st party games got 2's? The worst was rated 47%, there is no room here for your lies haha

"97 - real dealio
LuvforSONY - 03 Sep 2006 20:22 | Let him/her speak
u da man. u always keep it real. & blow away sony fanboys like leaves in da wind

102 - The Real Deal
LuvforSONY - 30 Jul 2006 13:48 | Let him/her speak
good job with presenting facts to combat the spreading of lies by sony fanboys. you come through again. dj and other sony fanboys obiously have trouble handling the truth. complete denial even when u present clear facts with multiple links. kudos real deal.

103 - Thanks
The Real Deal - 30 Jul 2006 13:50 | Let him/her speak
I do what I do. I just want people to know the truth. If the truth benefits MS. So be it. If the truth benefits SONY. So be it. Just as long as the Truth Prevails. Its really that simple."


DJ5967d ago

Dude, remember the picture-of-a-real-Ferarri incident? "The power of the 360, as proven by these in-game Forza screens." And there it was, a photo of a real ferrari on a real race track. RealDeal/TG never fails to crack me up.

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