Can Destiny Appeal To COD Players?

They’re “mainstream” gamers that only buy and play two or three games a year, and those games usually have words like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, FIFA or Madden in their name somewhere. These gamers just want to kick back, not think too hard and have fun in a safe, familiar environment they’ve been repeatedly visiting for years. Now Activision wants to introduce these people to Destiny. But will it work?

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user74029311961d ago

i believe it will, its THE game to get right now. it will sell millions

thorstein1960d ago

What's a CoD player anyway? What, I can't like Call of Duty AND Battlefield?

What is with all this either/or and this/that mentality when it comes to gaming?

Oh, I can't love my console and my PC?

IanVanCheese1961d ago

Maybe? It really isn't that sort of game so I can see a lot of twitch shooter players giving up on it early when Advanced Warfare comes out.

It really is a lot like Halo, so that's the kind of gamer they are targeting.

Meatyboy1960d ago

I don't think they have the attention span for it. Lets all hope they stay where they are.

JeffGUNZ1960d ago

I love how we categorize COD gamers as "them". Really? I think everyone on this site has played COD before and probably has played it in the last 1-2 years. I usually try every installment, hoping to find the true sequel to COD4MW. It's a video game, some people prefer it more then others, but why can't someone enjoy more than 1 game franchise?