Xbox Evolved - Dragonball Z Burst Limit Gold - Ships to NA Stores Today

The highly anticipated Dragonball Z game, Burst Limit, finally ships to NA stores today.

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SeanScythe3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

I love DBZ but this is just rehashed game play with pretty graphics and online play. I can't believe I won't be getting this game I have almost all Dragonball games I even bought the GBA for the DBZ: Path of Goku game. Someone let me know when they release a real next-gen DBZ game, like the Naruto: Ninja Storm that's coming out.

Blaze9293784d ago

EXACTLY, 100% agree with you...lucky me im getting this game free to review :D

OTHERwise, not worth a purchase. Its like a Budokai 1 remake.