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Twinfinite writes:

The Last of Us Remastered is now available for the PS4 and it boasts technical and graphical boosts. The question is: is it worth buying a second time?

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funkybudda1962d ago Show
insomnium21962d ago

Well since it has updated graphics and framerate and all the DLC is included into the already lower pricetag I'd say it is a bargain for those who never played it on PS3. Hell this game makes me want to get a PS4 for the smoother online alone.

Man thinking about this game made me want to play the single player again.....sigh....this game is just that good. If you don't play it you are missing out BIG TIME.

SonyPS41962d ago

"The question is: is it worth buying a second time?"

Not for me. Not dropping a $50 on some glorified PS4 tech demo. I want NEW games, that's why I bought a PS4. So far, every PS4-only game have been disappointing. The games I am playing on the PS4 right now are cross platform/cross gen. This year is awful for the new generation of gaming.

MrKingofVideoGames1962d ago

Well said. Although I am sure many disagrees with follow... My Xbox One and PS4 are collecting dust right now and the only 2 games I have on preorder are The Master Chief Collection for XBONE and NHL 15 for PS4.

SonyPS41962d ago

I am hoping 300+. Disagrees are fun to collect for speaking your mind.

combatcash1962d ago

Very true my friend. Killzone and infamous were quite the disappointment. Nba 2k is the game getting me by until something good comes out.

SonyPS41962d ago

I agree about inFamous Second Son being quite the disappointment. I am playing inFamous 2 to get the platinum. What a better game.

TheJacksonRGN1962d ago

Killzone: ShadowFall was more of a glorified tech demo.

hiawa231962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

$35 from Gamefly is a steal for me. I loved the PS3 version. Generally, the first year of any new gen game releases are far and few between as devs get familiar with the hardware and it takes time to make the games. Anyone who bought either console had to know this plus the release schedule was out early, so seems many should have looked at that before buying,

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