Alone In The Dark Goes Gold: Title Ships 3 July in Australia & New Zealand

XboxOZ360 writes:

Atari today announced that development is complete on the highly anticipated action survival game Alone in the Dark, and the game is on track to ship 3 July in Australia and New Zealand for Xbox 360TM game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PC, Wii and PlayStation® 2. The PLAYSTATION®3 version is scheduled for spring 2008.

"'Central Park is hiding a secret. Over the course of one apocalyptic night trapped in Manhattan's vast parkland, hero Edward Carnby must fight the unimaginable to survive and uncover the earth-shattering truth. New York will never be the same again.

Developed by Eden Games, Alone in the Dark for Xbox 360 and PC aims to change what gamers expect from action games with a ground-breaking reinvention of the classic franchise which debuted in 1992 and created the survival horror genre. Continuing the legacy of innovation of that first game, the new Alone in the Dark re-imagines the genre with engrossing cinematic presentation, compelling gameplay challenges and a thrilling narrative story arc..."

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gaminoz3783d ago

Wondering why? This game looks to have great potential and there aren't enough of this game type out at the moment...I'm definitely buying it.

Superfragilistic3782d ago

Yeah I agree it looks to innovate in a number of areas and is resurrecting one of my old school favourites. It looks like a buy to me. :)