MGS4 Japanese Launch Event Canceled

Translated from official Japanese Konami site by me:

"Dear Customers:
Notice of Event Cancellation

We are deeply grateful for all the special attention and fan-base that our company have been receiving.

Due to various reasons, the "METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS" launch memorial event which was to be held on June 12 at 3 different locations within the Tokyo area, has been canceled.

We apologize to the customers who were looking forward to this event, and also ask for your understanding.

-June 10, Konami Digital Entertainment Corp."

Editor's Note: Story URL links to a bad translation from google translate. Credit URL links to the original Konami notification.

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conjurdevil3781d ago

with 2 days to go??how could konami do this???there are going to be some pretty pissd japenese people!!!

resistance1003781d ago

Its understandable, i suspect this is linked to the recent killing spree which led to the death of 7 people in Tokyo.

Dir_en_grey3781d ago

but maybe it has to do with the Akihabara stabbing where 7 people were killed. 10 were also injured and that happened only 2 days ago.
I think Konami didn't want to be insensitive, and maybe to prevent a copy cat crime because the Akihabara stabbing happened to be on the Ninja Gaiden 2 launch date...

This is purely my guess though... Anyway I didn't break the Akihabara stabbing story, but that story should've gotten approved because it definitely has to do with gaming in Japan. Sad that other gaming sites were reporting the story after the post at N4G got shut down.

fork_up_your_ass3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

It becuase no one will attend for a sh11ty game that no one cares about or likes

I hered japanese hates FPS and third person shooters111111111

Light Yagami3781d ago

It sucks that it got cancelled, but it's understandable. I was looking forward to attending the event. At least the game release date isn't affected. 2 days left people.

ravinash3781d ago

Strange how I heard on the news about the stabbings, but nothing was said about it being on a games launch day.
Anyway, the guy was just a nutter...nothing to do with the game.
but I can understand why in this context Konami had to cancel the event.

Dir_en_grey3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

The killer's cell phone had records of him posting on forums on how he was going to kill using truck and knife in the gaming town Akihabara up until the killing.
Though it has no direct connection, on 5/28 a post like this was also posted in the gaming forums warning people that something like this was going to happen after 6/5, which was the launch date of Ninja Gaiden 2. Sorry I messed up the stabbing was 2 days after 6/5. And the connection is only suspected but not officially announced.
But the killer also admitted that he admired another killer which did the same thing by foretelling his actions on forums before the killing, so people pretty much just assumes the 2ch. gaming post also belonged to the Akihabara killer.
So I'm guessing the event cancellation also is for concerns of some random copy cat crime, but probably mainly just to show respect to the deceased.

CrazedFiend3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

You're so right about the copycat crime thing.

One thing you notice after being in Japan for a while is that people in this country LOVE to copy what someone else has done. And that goes for things like crime and suicide as well.

If someone does something that gets an exceptional amount of media coverage, you can almost bet the farm on the fact that 2 or 3 more people are gonna try to do the something very similar.

I'm not surprised to hear at all that he was inspired by what someone else did (with the forums idea, at least) and I'm pretty sure that someone, somewhere will probably attempt to do something similar within the next year or so(though I doubt it could be on the same scale).

I love this country, but that is one thing I found to be really sad after living here for a while...

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clintos593781d ago

Another fu**ing delay again?

resistance1003781d ago

So the recent killings in Tokyo mean nothing? Its not like the game has been delayed, just the launch as been canceled

Dir_en_grey3781d ago

Yeah, it was stupid that story didn't get approved at N4G cuz people didn't think it had to do with gaming but it did.
So I guess not alot of people at N4G knows about it.

Fishy Fingers3781d ago

clintos59, please think before you speak. Nothing has been delayed. Only the events have been canceled. Also look at what Resistance said, perhaps you were unaware of the recent killings I dont know.

Frankly, unless you live in Tokya, you have no real reason to be upset, and if you did, with the recent news, you'd understand.

clintos593781d ago

And if that is the reason for the delay then it is understandable. I didnt know that sh!t happened so it is why I was shocked they delayed that. Anyways sorry to hear about that and hope those families who lost those victims are ok. And if anything to keep them calm, atleast we all know those 7 victims are in a better place right now. Just sad how people can do such things, we just will never know.

Alcohog3781d ago

Not too bright, are you?

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kewlkat0073781d ago

How many people get killed over here and that didn't stop some launches. Plus I see no reason stating why.

The gaming GOD3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

The difference is a mass-killing spree like that is uncommon in Japan. So this is a real culture shock for them.

If this event was in the U.S., then yeah they wouldn't be canceled on account that our society is accustomed to stuff like that

Were talking about a city that has only seen about 50+ murders in a year (Tokyo). The average U.S. city sees close to 1500. Hell, New York had about 2000 last year.

kewlkat0073781d ago

you would think there is more violence but not really..

The gaming GOD3781d ago

It's because the Japanese are a more well-behaved people. They tie themselves to discipline and morals more than the western world. That's why you don't see mass murder like that on a daily basis. Their society is exposed to more violence and pornography than the west are. And it's far more extreme than ours. But because they are a more disciplined society, you don't see people being influenced by what that watch, read, or hear there. Unlike the west

PSWe603781d ago

They're doing it for the safety of the consumers. Damn shame too. Tokyo gamers, you have my sympathy

Fishy Fingers3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Probably more out of respect for the victims and their families.

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