Kinect-less Xbox One Will Help Microsoft Regain Lost Ground, Strengthens Dev Confidence In Platform

Ever since the E3 2013 debacle, Microsoft have been listening to consumers and have been making drastic changes in their policies.

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Axios21966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

That and adding 27 more Countries in September to the current 13.

It's actually quite impressive sales for 13 Countries, even beating the 360 that launched in 36 Countries.

Eonjay1966d ago

Actually, I think the developer is talking about raising sales in the current 13 markets. Like the USA. Which is their main market number 1.

BlackTar1871966d ago

For your sake i hope you're right Axios.

Wouldn't want you to disappear

MysticStrummer1966d ago

He won't. He's a relentless spin doctor. He's still clinging to that "better sales than 360" thing, even though XB1's pace dropped below 360's months ago.

I wonder when the ground will start to close…

I don't think it will, except maybe for a month of NPD numbers here and there. Yearly, the gap will continue to grow for the whole generation, especially worldwide. I can't wait for XB1 to release in those other countries so Axios will be forced to come up with another argument.

ThePope1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )


Haha talk about a spin-doctor. Let me ask you while I'm playing games like Halo MCC and Sunset Overdrive. How many hours will you be into the sales game? By now you should have most of the trophies, since you care about that game so much. Does the PS4 selling well make it more fun to use? It must you sure talk about it alot.


I love made up percentages.


Someone needs to try harder and its not me...

Clogmaster1965d ago

PS4 sales means more potential games :)

Which is why Vita owners aren't happy with the mediocre sales. It means support may be cut off.

ThePope1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@D-DU. Leverage maybe. But any developer/publisher considering making a multi plat game exclusive would still need a large chunk of money to do so. N4G may try and make you believe that the end is near for the one but that's just unintelligent people rambling.

The fact remains that the X1 is doing well (maybe not as well as the PS4 but still well) and publishers want their games on the platform. On top of that MS/Xbox division has lots of money to secure exclusives.

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rxl2091966d ago

i hate to burst your bubble but with exception of japan, those countries the x1 hasnt released in account for 10% or less of console sales, even if the x1 DOMINATES in those places, its still being crushed by the ps4. sorry, its math not magic

Why o why1966d ago

This 27 countries thing is the newest game changer according to guys like axios. How many have there been thus far. . Price drops, kinect less sku, titan fall. . . . . Smh. . . On to the next one I guess.

Magnes1966d ago

I get tired of the Xbox still hasnt' released in all territories argument. It has been over half a year if these other territories are so important then what is MS waiting on, not a supply problem.

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mrpsychoticstalker1966d ago

The Xbox is already a success, more features, more games, the best servers. Etc.

That gap will close soon.

user74029311966d ago Show
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kaileb1966d ago

PS4 has more Games, stop it. The gap will be close (maybe) but cant take over it has to beat ps4 in states first.

strangeaeon1966d ago

It may shrink a little but it will never close, and that is ok with me. Love my X1 and sales won't change that.

ScottyHoss1966d ago

See why can't we be like this? Instead of getting into pissing contests, why can't we dismiss the gap in sales and each to his own. Enjoy your XB1 sir.

SG1_dapunisherX1966d ago

is a great thing ps4 is first place, next gen ms and nintendo should learn their mistake.

DeadRabbits1966d ago ShowReplies(1)
poor_cus_of_games1966d ago

More games than what? The wii u?

rxl2091966d ago

it acually has ALOT less games, and theyre rated lower critically. please base your arguments in reality

Ihatetrolls761966d ago

You can tell the sony trolls are out in full force today

MysticStrummer1966d ago

PS4 has more games. The worldwide gap will never close.

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XiSasukeUchiha1966d ago

Xbox 1 has alot more to recover, but it helps closing the gap for sure.

JJShredder1966d ago

Xbox One will most likely never overtake the PS4 this gen and you know what? that's ok!

I for one will be enjoying the hell outta both of them regardless!

OpieWinston1966d ago

If anything it keeps the competition nice and fresh.

Sony fighting to keep the foothold.

Microsoft fighting to get 360 owners to buy an X1.

Competition benefits all of us...Only the little fanboys/girls who want to justify their purchase are caring enough to troll.

zeuanimals1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Competition isn't always just about giving it your best shot and giving the consumer the best possible deal or time, it's also about trying to make more money than your competitor, by whatever means necessary. That means that not everything competition brings is good.

Moneyhats in the form of exclusive games and exclusive content? Not good but they were started to "one up" the competing platforms, and a lot of the time, it works.

Paying for online play was also created in the midst of competition. Sure, it wasn't created to compete but even in heavy competition, MS got away with it. To compete, Sony started doing it this gen because if MS can get away with it, Sony can too.

Competition also brought along with it the copying of ideas, both good and bad. Kinect? Wouldn't have happened if the Wii wasn't so successful and we might have been better off without its creation. Because of it, MS put tons of money into Kinect and its games, money that could have been put into making actual, good games. But there are good things that came from copying, like bolstering online infrastructure for Sony's consoles and MS bringing Games with Gold.

I'm not trying to say competition is bad, but it isn't inherently good and companies don't always compete for the people's affections. A lot of the time it's just to create more ways to get into people's wallets.

SteamPowered1966d ago

Probably doesnt strengthen the confidence of those poor suckers that are developing for Kinect. Microsoft is doing 180 after 180 and I would have to think that developers are feeling the effects far more than us consumers.

Alabamarolltide19901966d ago

Not many Developers are making games just for kinect. Some just use it for little things like battlefield you can lean over and your character will lean but you can also use a controller for that. Same with madden and calling audibles and adjust the line but you can also use a controller for that. The kinect is neat and all but it's not something they should have focused on in the first place. I'm glad they aren't bundling it anymore

Breakline1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I agree; the kinect is just not feasible for serious gameplay outside of the intermittent indie that uses it well (I've only heard of one, actually -- the platformer where you move your body to see different platforms) it's just not feasible. It would have been a much better idea to make a cheaper version without the features required for gameplay. The voice commands are the most useful thing anyway, and that can theoretically be done with a headset.

SteamPowered1966d ago

Regardless what the kinect is actually used for, the developers put in the effort to use (or not use) the kinect. So moving forward, who would invest money developing for a peripheral that may or may not be in every X 1 owners living room? If I was a dev, I would shy away from Kinect altogether, quite frankly.
I love the kinect voice commands from the 360 (skyrim and mass effect 3) but I cant see them returning to glory anytime soon.

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