MGS4: Guns Of The Patriots Unlockables / Secrets Exclusively Revealed *SPOILERS*

Check out all the cool Unlockables / Cheats in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots, which were exclusively revealed today by This game is packed full of cool extras that will definitely keep you playing and add a lot of replay value to the game. *Contains Spoilers*

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KillahCam3871d ago

This just seems ridiculous!!!!!!!

" Big Boss: Successfully complete the game on the hardest difficulty, using no continues, getting no alerts, killing no enemies, using no rations or stealth suit, and with a completion time of five hours or less."

crimsonfox3871d ago

be big boss or what?

haha that's what it takes

Sovannah Phum3871d ago

i've got a problem with misleading titles.

Heaven_Or_Hell3871d ago

Pretty impossible...
Looks like an European Extreme mod :p

Z5013871d ago

Big Boss ranking.
Cept, 1 ration no saves and no continues.
It's been in all MGS games.

rmgst3871d ago

Does that mean the game is about 8 hours long with normal play and not attempting the Big Boss award? Does that include the cut scene time?

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The story is too old to be commented.