Metro Redux Takes Just 17GB Of Your Hard Drive

The Xbox One website has just released details of the install sizes of Metro Redux, and its not that big.

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ThatEnglishDude2639d ago

Not bad! They're great games, too.

LavaLampGoo2639d ago

Yeah I absolutely loved them the first time around, looking forward to 2033 if slightly better gun handling...

Alexious2639d ago

They're fantastic games, especially Last Light.

Daniel_Potter2639d ago

Last Light was more of a dumb down for me
first of all, that interface
and second, even though, in LL, you could extinguish almost any light source, i think the stealth system was dumbed down as well. You see, Metro 2033 was more like Thief in terms of the stealth system, other then your visibility, you also had to watch out for the noise you make. in 2033 there were a lot of times you had sound traps or shattered glass, which could alarm your enemies. in LL there were almost no traps of any sort.
Or when looting bodies. in LL you automatically pick up all the loot, while in 2033 you have to manually pick up every item.

Sure, LL had many features that weren't present in 2033, like the arachnids, the Swamp level and the attachments system, but they sacrificed immersion.

BX812639d ago

I hope so. This will be my first time playing them.

Meltic2639d ago

havent played them. Is it Worth getting on the ps4 ?

Angerfist2639d ago

Absolutely. Played both on 360 back then and the graphics and atmosphere were amazing. This will be even better:D

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JJShredder2639d ago

Very overlooked games. Console-only folks are in for a treat!

Ares84HU2639d ago

Just 17GB.... Hahahahahahahaha that's funny.

Alexious2639d ago

Don't know why you think it's funny. 17GB for a next gen game is quite low.

DuneBuggy2639d ago

Its amusing to me when I think about my mid 90s Windows 95 PC. It had a 2.1 gb hard drive.

elhebbo162639d ago

two points:

1. Game size is irrelevant when it comes to defyning a game as 'Next gen'. example: Wolfenstein is 50GB, Metro LL is only 8GB yet it looks more 'next gen' than the former because of its dynamic lighting and physx.

2. The games are technically last gen HD ports (for console), what do you expect.

rawshack2639d ago

im no expert but most of data will be on the disk i think the 17 gb will be used to prevent load times .

n4rc2639d ago

Pretty sure my first PC had like 20kb lol

The ol commadore64! The beastly 1mhz CPU and 64k of ram lol

DuneBuggy2639d ago

That was my first computer with a hard drive lol..My Coleco Adam with the tape deck storage was my first.

Angerfist2639d ago

It's also 2 Next Gen Games ;)

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seanpitt232639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Well these 500GB hard drives are a joke for next gen I have almost used mine up and it's another 50GB for TLOU R we needed a TB at least. Just glad you can change the hard drive on the ps4 quite easily.

Ares84HU2639d ago

This is exatcly why I find it funny but people read a comment and don't even think just click on disagree like lemmings.

kingduqc2639d ago

not having over 4tb of hard drive space

hahahahahahha that's funny

rawshack2639d ago

what ever it is im looking forward to this.ive allways liked the history behind the secret metro tunnels under moscow

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