Should You Spend Money On The Last Of Us Remastered?

NowGamer: "Just how much difference is there between the PS3 and PS4 versions of The Last of Us and Is The Last Of Us Remastered really worth your money?"

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fluffydelusions1958d ago

Arguably one of the greatest games of all time at 1080p/60fps. Yes!

ArchangelMike1958d ago

Absolutely YES!

Why are journalist forgetting that there are more gamers who HAVE NOT played The Last of Us, than those who have?

christian hour1958d ago

Exactly, there are a lot of people who didn't buy the game first time around picking it up this time.

And some of those people are gamin veterans who know full well the biggest games at the end of a gen usually get a next gen port, and so purposefully held off knowing there would be a port.

A lot of people did the same with GTA V too, myself included. I could NOT wait for TLOU though, I had to get that on ps3 asap.

And if you think I'm just pulling this out of my ass, all you have to do is go back and look at my comments from last summer relating to GTAV or TLOU and you'll see me say several times "can't wait for the inevitable PS4 port" or in regards to GTAV "The early trailers were clearly running on PC going off the lack of jaggys, I'll wait for a PC version or Next Gen version" not a direct quote but more of a lump sum of several comments I said throughout the build up to TLOU/GTAV's launch.

And to respond to the clickbait title of this article, should you be concerned on what other people spend their hard earned money on? Surely there's more wasteful products they couldve went for like another entry in the COD series?

At least this game had lasting impact and deserves every remaster and sale it gets and it's another chance for those who missed it the firs time to see what all the fuss and 10/10's were about.

Wizard_King1958d ago

I think that it's not worth the price tag, the whole thing wreaks on price gouging money grab to me. Good game, yes, pretty game, yes. Same game as a year ago, yes. Key point 1 year old game with a slight up res isn't worth all this high praise or mad hype and it defiantly isn't worth the day 1 AAA price.

I'm not trolling that's my honest opinion. rehash is a rehash and the Sony crowd on here is going completely bonkers over it. I have never ever seen so many comparison articles and gameplay vids on N4G ever and it's not even a new game.

Yet we PC crowd get attacked about articles which show games with graphical mods. This is essentially the same damn thing, yet console owners are willing to pay for what is just a modded version of what most of them already own. AND if we didn't buy TLOU then we wont buy it now just for a few extra pixels.

Seriously guys get of the high horse for this one year old game.

If you didn't ever buy it on PS3 and need games for PS4, that's the only real reason I could see anyone getting this. Anyone who owns the original on PS3 and buy this, well you know "a fool and his money are easily parted".

christian hour1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

"I think that it's not worth the price tag,"

"If you didn't ever buy it on PS3 and need games for PS4, that's the only real reason I could see anyone getting this."

Well it is worth the price tag for the people you mentioned at the end. Every bit.

As for it being priced as a AAA game? It was 45 euro for me, that includes 30 euro worth of DLC. What AAA games, day 1, can I buy at this price, with all DLC included? I'd Love to know!

Also generalising that all console owners are condemning PC owners for putting up modification articles all the time isn't doing you any favours.

Sure a vocal few console owners might come off a bit fanboyish or passive aggressive towards the beauty and dedication shown off and put in to such fan PC modifications (and these are articles I love to see since I would LOVE to be able to run some of those mods) but they don't represent all console gamers.

The Same way arrogant PC master race gamers don't represent all PC gamers :) Fanboys from all walks of life just happen to be louder and more opinionated than the more down to earth logical gamers.

This isn't the first remake/port of a game to be released at the end of a gen and then cross over less than a year later to the newest gen and it wont be the last. This has been going on for DECADES. I've seen this "nex gen is full of remakes and ports" onslaught of articles at the start of every gen. Why do people keep falling in to the same trappings?!

Rogue Legacy, a game that most PC's can run, is getting ported to ps4 tomorrow, where's the shit storm over that? It only came out fairly recently, I know I've played it to death on PC myself, so why no clickbait articles for this "cash grab"?

Cos TLOU is big news, its a gaming behemoth and a lot of people are looking forward to it or are bitter they wont be playing it. So interjournopreneurs are having a field day with the clickbait ad revenue on it. Something they wouldn't get for flaming a lesser known title like Rogue Legacy.

Hopefully we don't get this same bullcrap around the MC collections release date, time to grow up kids. I can already hear a legion of sony fanboys posting on those future MC collection articles hopign to get their own back for TLOU outlash, and it's hurting my head already.

SpinalRemains1381958d ago

They're not. They're asking about those of us who have played it.

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Wizard_King1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )


@die_fiend below.

You my friend are why the saying "A fool and his money are easily parted" exists in the first place.

Genuine-User1958d ago

Your comment history is embarrassing to say the least. You're nothing short of a troll.

All you have done for the past two days is bash this game and the people that are willing to buy it.

Such a sad, sad individual.

mrmonk1958d ago

If u haven't played it and u have a ps4 yes definitely worth every penny i told 2 of my mates to get it and they are goin to buy it,,,,awesome game.

ikkokucrisis1958d ago

Just played a few minutes of the story mode again. The 60fps is so good in the opening scenes while they are driving & running around the town... It's like they should put a 'The way it's meant to be played' tag on it!

TheRealHeisenberg1958d ago

I'll gladly spend $20 for this.

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