Did the UK just decriminalize online piracy? Let's clear things up

Recent reports surfacing around the decriminalization of online piracty in the UK left doubt in a few minds. Some things need to be cleared up.

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opproject1958d ago

those are pc gamers for you

JackOfAllBlades1958d ago

But I would totally download a bear

CongoKyle1958d ago

Console gamers don't listen to music or watch series/movies? :(

wheresmymonkey1958d ago

Videogame piracy happens on consoles too.

Activemessiah1958d ago

They are essentially doing their job by sending letters and warning people... they can't afford to take action or they'd lose their customers entirely, it's all about business and not doing anything to derail it.

Buit obviously it's a different story in the U.S i hear...

CongoKyle1958d ago

I'd assume parties who wish to take further action could serve the ISP with a subpoena to retrieve the information of those who abuse the system, but I agree a warning is what they have to do.

die_fiend1958d ago

This isn't a warning though. If you read what's happening, they're not goign to be accusatory in tone, just educational, telling you where you can not be a filthy cheapskate.

hkgamer1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

well most of the companys are a tually based in US, such as movie/tv studios, game publishers etc... its easier for those companies to force isp to do more things. i think its just a matter of convinience.

hkgamer1958d ago

i think its more of a movie streaming problem. in my friends circle i am the only one who actually pays for netflix and amazon.

sky has the right to most movies so those services dont get the latest movies.

also many tv series are so behind compared to the us so many just download or stream those instead.

uk needs to step up on getting tv series sooner, skytv is also charging way too much. on demand tv need to step up to sky and force sky to lower prices.

CongoKyle1958d ago

Preaching to the choir here. Recently South Africa has stepped up a bit in terms of series being only a week or two behind the US but still anyone with internet access will be destroyed with spoilers before the actual episode airs :<

hkgamer1958d ago

a week or two is not too bad i suppose. avoiding spoilers is just something you have to deal with.

some of the main series are released in uk pretty quickly aswell. but others like suits, supernatural and a few others i watch normally starts when the season is almost over in us which is annoying and does tempt me to actually download.

lemoncake1958d ago

The TV series delays are the worst, wish we could just buy them direct from the us and cut out the middle men crap in our own countries.