How to Get and Keep Windows XP After June 30

PC World writes: "Windows XP is dead ... long live Windows XP. You may have heard that as of June 30, you're no longer able to buy the operating system or obtain support for it. But that isn't quite the case. In fact, you'll be able to buy XP on certain mainstream PCs at least until January 31, 2009, and possibly beyond. The cutoff date is even later for some ultra-low-cost notebooks such as those made by Asus: They'll sell with XP until June 2010. As for technical support, that has a lot of life left as well--officially, Microsoft will provide at least some forms of support until 2014.

Given the confusion about XP's future, we decided to lay out your options for buying XP and getting support for it beyond the official sunset date for the OS."

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season0073784d ago

getting a PC with XP is not quite the same as getting XP

Silogon3784d ago

I am on vista and love it! I absolutley love Vista and since having it have never had 1 problem anyone of these people claim to have wrong with it. Vista allows for way better security and way better iterfaces.

I have a 4 gb computer and it runs amazing on it. I have no problems at all with windows vista.

LJWooly3784d ago

You sound like you're trying to sell it.

Technically, and from a user perspective, it is, without a doubt, the worst OS I've ever used in my life.

trancefreak3784d ago

i had early issues gaming related to nvidia drivers but im with you man it works great for me. I cant stand xp compared to vista anymore. I also use vista for music production and its much more stable than xp IMO during music creation.

Silogon3784d ago

explain why? There is nothing I haven't been able to do with vista that I could on xp. I'm sorry. Maybe the movie maker isn't up to snuff with green screening or the media player isn't as sync but who uses either? you get better programs and run them. Vista is by far a great service.

trancefreak3784d ago

i like using vista glazz on my machine with some custom skins i got of the net really looks slick.

N4g_null3784d ago

Man I'm glad I waited to get vista too. It was crazy how every thing went down in the beginning though. I'm on a 6 gig PC and vista is great good luck with any thing less and on top of that you will have to tweak this OS too a high degree. I have like 200 megs being used on idle now! That means zbrush at 4 gigs baby on my home PC not the work one!

Yeah this sucks though LOL I bet people start selling copies on ebay watch LOL.

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Imallvol73784d ago

my room mate payed 400$ for vista ultimate the day it launched . . . he's using xp right now, lol

LJWooly3784d ago

Microsoft can go do themselves, methinks.

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The story is too old to be commented.