Too Human - Exclusive Battlecries Trailer

Cry havoc and let loose the buffs of war!

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This was gonna be one of my big games of the year but somethings not quite right about the game and i cant put my finger on it.........

im playing NG2 at the moment and watching the combat in Too Human its like its in slow motion compared to Ninja!

Hopefully it will surprise me on release though.

CNIVEK5878d ago

Ridiculously fast Ninja, wearing nothing but silk jammies, VS. big, heavily-armored Nordic deities....I can't IMAGINE why they're so different. :o

JokesOnYou5878d ago

wow, this game looks great, I like what I saw but I wish they would have showed more of the game instead of Dennis running his mouth, why is he always talking about the game?....damm just show us more of that trailer!


dan-boy5878d ago

this is a day one purchase for me. especially with co-op confrimed. i like the style and art direction also...shaping up to be an epic game. i'm looking forward to august.

mistertwoturbo5878d ago

It just looks too clunky. I'm going to at least rent it though.

kewlkat0075878d ago

no 4-player co-op but I'm still getting the game. Plus you'll be able to use your character for Part 2.

I'm sure I'll play with some on here N4G. sucks without 4-player co-op but whatever it's not a pre-req to buy a game.

I hope this game comes out alright after all the delays and issues, yet they are still determined to finish the game. Lease I can do is play it if good. I've played Diablo and Baulders Gate so SK is no slouch.

dan-boy5878d ago

2 player co-op though...which is great for an rpg. especially as there isn't that many co-op rpgs available at the mo.

Imallvol75878d ago

This game was one of the reasons I wanted a 360. I really hope it can pull its self together and be a great game.

Superfragilistic5878d ago

Silicon Knights have a track record for superlative games with great stories, they also know how to push gaming boundaries. Anybody who's had the privilege of playing Eternal Darkness and considers the amount of time that they've spent developing this title should know that this is a title to watch very carefully.

I'm fairly confident of it being a big hit with critics, it's from a much loved developer, innovates all over the place, is resurrecting a somewhat forgotten genre, has a distinct art style and is looking at a truly epic story mixed up with fascinating mythology.

Personally the more I learn the more I realise this is a book who's cover barely hints at the depth and innovation inside.

It's my surprise hit for the year and I personally can't wait. :)