The Walking Dead Star Chandler Riggs is Hyped for The Last of Us Remastered

JM: The Last of Us Remastered is finally out and with its release is a great amount of hype. Some hype is even coming from some of the actors for AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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Treezy5041726d ago

That explains why he was pissed off in the mid season premier of season 4!

Clown_Syndr0me1726d ago

So? What's next Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk is hyped for Halo MCC? Who cares.

RiPPn1726d ago

Worst character in the show, wish he would get eaten already!

georgenancy1726d ago

i actually find glenn more annoying

FriedGoat1725d ago

Glen was cool in the first and second series, taking risks and was generally fun. Unfortunately, like the show, his character became mundane and boring,

Clown_Syndr0me1725d ago

Glenn gets too much screen time. Hes not as annoying in the comic as hes not such a main character.

Predaking771726d ago

It looks like the PS4 will continue to dominate in the United Sates. When Bloodborne, The Order and Uncharted 4 arrive, is going to be a massacre of the xbone

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