Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Troy Baker Roundtable Interview

Voice of Talion, Troy Baker, discusses his character's initial impression of Gollum as well as what attracted him to the role, balancing the freedom to explore with serving both the character and the world of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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Reverie9901959d ago

I never knew he was Talion. Love this guy.

Bathyj1959d ago

I just watched One night live. Man this guy can act his arse off. Why is he not a big Hollywood actor? Hes got the talent, hes got the looks. He oozes the credibility of a much older man. Non gamers would have never heard of him and I think thats sad.

Still, look at the diversity of his roles, if he was in movies he never would have got them because he looks like such a pretty boy. I mean, he couldnt be Joel in a movie, too young, he couldnt be Batman, too thin.

Being just a voice actor (well performance capture actor) lets him flex his acting chops and hes pretty much the top dog at the moment in his field, working on more projects at a time then any A List movie star would be doing.

I think hes right where he wants to be, and were lucky to have him.