A Plea To Game Developers To Keep Making Single Player Games

UM writes: A lone man stands on a broken, old highway, with the wind blowing in his hair. In front of him he has miles of destroyed and dilapidated Washington D.C to explore. But a big part of this for him is how alone he is. All around him, only threats loom in all directions. Mutants who want to tear him apart. Bandits who wants to rob and kill him, leaving his body to rot in the dust like carrion. SUDDENLY, three of his friends “drop in” the game and start obliterating everything around him. All sense of dread, loneliness, and solemnity are gone, and he strides forth with his three friends, decimating all that stand in their way. As you can see from the following statement, Fallout 3 would have been ruined by multiplayer. I wrote that specifically to make a point. I live for single player game experiences. I am a loner, Dottie, a rebel. Yet the forthcoming landscape of games seem to hint that this is going to be a thing of the past. All games are trying to cram multiplayer into their game (and even build entire games around it), and I will now tell you why that has put the single player game on the soon-to-be-extinct list, and why that kills the entire purpose of video games (for me, at least).

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GeofferyPeterson1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Single player games are what WiFi-Less gamers play, and there are plenty of those gamers throughout the world.

MasterCornholio1725d ago

Even people with internet connections still play single player games. Great example of this would be Oblivion and Skyrim.

Thatguy-3101725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

It's not only that but the experience that one gets from it can be more impact-full than any online/multiplayer experience. There is just something magical that occurs when a developer nails the narrative in their games. I feel that the experience becomes personal which gives it a more meaningful value. From big games like The Last of Us to even smaller games like Journey; they benefit from it and so do we. I watched the live stream for TLoU One Night Live and my respect for ND just keeps growing and growing.

Ogygian1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

You're quite ignorant.

Historically (right back to ancient times) there have been three major ways to keep entertained after work:
Games actually are able to fulfill all three of these.

Reading - Single player games

Sport - Competitive multiplayer games

Socialising - Co-op multiplayer games

Clearly there's a degree of overlap between these in some games, but the fact is that people aren't going to stop playing single-player games for the same reason we don't stop reading books in today's society:

Sometimes it's nice just to sit down with yourself and watch a story play out. Except games both allow us to participate and also create our own stories in games with more freedom.

GeofferyPeterson1724d ago

Sorry I should have clarified my statement for all you dense brains. What I meant was... "Single player games are the ONLY games WiFi-Less gamers CAN play, and there are plenty of those gamers throughout the world."

Ogygian1724d ago

There won't be for much longer with the world developing at the rate it is, but I'm saying that even if everyone had lightning-fast internet, many find Single-Player games to be more enjoyable than multiplayer.

marioJP871724d ago

Sorry, I have a wireless router with 50 Mbps download speed and I also play single player games. I just don't agree with your comment but that's me.

nucky641724d ago

I have great internet and still LOVE single-player as much or more than MP

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WilliamUsher1725d ago

I couldn't agree more. Sometimes a good single-player experience is enough to really make you appreciate the design and dedication put in by the team.

Multiplayer games are good when you feel like diving into them, but nothing really beats a well-made and thoroughly entertaining (and engaging) single-player game.

Relientk771725d ago

I play single player games more than multiplayer ones

so yes keep them coming

Clown_Syndr0me1725d ago

Ofcourse keep them coming, but Im desperate for couch co op to make a strong return.

DJustinUNCHAIND1725d ago

Why do people keep acting like single player games are going away?

Why does multiplayer gaming have such a constant stigma. Playing well together as team with friends (or strangers) can be just as, if not more, satisfying as a game with an awesome campaign.

There is plenty of room in this industry for both to co-exist.

hkgamer1725d ago

some people just like playing as a group. they dont like playing by themselves.

devs and publishers also love multiplayer because it forces players to keep games and not resell it too soon.

however, devs or publishers understand the importance of single player, which is why cod still promotes the single player side. they know many people are not too great and going into multiplayer just means running around and getting shot.

epic also made gears with a tack on single player and then noticed that single player is important and started to put more effort into it in the sequels.

the number of subscriptions for gold and ps+(ps4) also shows that not everybody plays online.

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