7 Series Sony Needs To Bring To the PS4

Bagogames takes a look at some titles that need to be brought back on the PS4.

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Relientk771960d ago

Legend of Dragoon
Syphon Filter
Dark Cloud
Crash Bandicoot
Jak and Daxter
Ni no Kuni
Rogue Galaxy
Ape Escape
Soul Reaver
Fat Princess
Dragon Quest
Twisted Metal

Godmars2901960d ago

Ni No Kuni isn't a series. Yet.

NukaCola1959d ago

Ni No Kuni had two games now. It's not yet a trilogy, but it's moving along.

ShinMaster1959d ago


1- Legend of Dragoon
2- Syphon Filter
3- Dark Cloud
4- Jak and Daxter
5- Siren
6- Rogue Galaxy
7- Wild Arms
8- Ape Escape

Unlimax1959d ago

Parasite Eve
Shadow of Rome
Haunting Ground
RE : Outbreak sequel
The Bouncer

DVAcme1959d ago

Mah man *fistbump*

I'd add a new Warhawk and Jet Moto to that list. Imagine an awesome online multiplayer Jet Moto, it'd be amazing. And Warhawk was one of the PS3's most fun multiplayer experiences, it'd make a killing on PS4.

iceman061959d ago

I'd add to your addition...Colony Wars...then I'd TRULY be a very happy gamer!!!

nunley331959d ago

Soul Reaver isn't a series either but an awesome game from the Legascy Of Kain series, i wanna see the cancelled Dead Sun game make a PS4 return.

drphilonu11959d ago

I for one would love for legend of dragoon too be re released its my favorite game of all time i have more fun playing that game than alot of new games today

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Dizzydrifter11960d ago

+1 for Dark cloud part 1 I own 2 copy's that game is very awesome

Hellsvacancy1959d ago

It's gotta be time to resurrect Okami or Tenchu

Jubez1871959d ago

I could use a Star Ocean but it's unlikely.

Bhuahahaha1959d ago

yup very.
remember how #3 ended.
thats why they go prequel at the "last hope"

rextraordinaire1959d ago

There's still room for other prequels or other stories within the universe. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.