Falling Skies Gets A Gameplay Trailer; Gamers Downvote The Trailer

One Angry Gamer "Well that went over well. Little Orbit and TNT released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming turn-based strategy game based on the television show Falling Skies. The game is scheduled to release this fall for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC… except, it looks like something from the PS2 era and gamers aren’t liking it one bit."

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christian hour1962d ago

So a blatant rip off of Xcom based on a fairly mediocre if not terrible show with outdated visuals? Yeah that's gonna go down well.

bacrec11962d ago

This show is a hot mess right now.

bacrec11962d ago

I thought this was a iOS game. Whew this looks bad.

shadow18spirit1962d ago

this show would be a great telltale game

ThatOneRiggaNob1962d ago

What in the hell did I just watch....? I actually watch the show and this game does it no justice.

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