The Last of Us After Credit Deleted Ending Detailed, Takes Places Four Years After The Game

MP1st - To the surprise of the attendees who went to see The Last of Us Live theater event, Naughty Dog showed off an exclusive live acted scene that was in the concept stage and originally planned to be shown post credit to The Last of Us.

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XiSasukeUchiha1958d ago

Damn, damn (^o^) ( Shocked) Naughty Gods is giving me a garism for a lifetime.


Wizard_King1958d ago

Holy hell, some actual REAL news about this game. Not just the usual hype train to your wallet town articles we see all day.

I almost feel of my seat.

slasaru011958d ago

Are there any other games in the world? Judging on N4G headings, no

-Foxtrot1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

And they didn't show this on the stream...WHY?

What gives

Four years though and she's still distant over his lie....4 months sure but 4 years and she's never brought it up or found out the truth.

Nitrowolf21958d ago

Yea, I am disappointed to. I guess it's most likely because the same reason why they didn't put it in the game.

I am assuming it;'s not in the game because they are still unsure about a sequel, though this may amplify people even wanting one more

TheWackyMan1958d ago

I agree 4 years later and she's still upset that he lied? Dumb. I do like the idea of the guitar though.

matrixman921958d ago

there is discrepancy, one person said 4 years and other people said the length was not specified..just that its after the game

USMC431958d ago

I was there, they did not specify a time.

Losso-Oso1958d ago

It might just be that it's not the lie that is bugging her. After all, to me it seemed at the end of the game that Ellie was somehow aware of Joel's deceit, maybe not aware to the extent which he went in order to save her, but aware that Joel was full of it.

To me, all Ellie wanted was an end to her survivors guilt, a way out of always losing the people she loves and cares about, and Joel provided that as well as providing her with a "father" and that companion that wouldn't "leave" her.

To me it seemed that the end of the game was more about mutual acceptance of life, and of each other. That these two characters who have had miserable existances (Joel far longer than Ellie, but Ellie probably having dealt with losing far more people) finally realized that they are what each has been looking for, a reason to live, they are each others way out.

Thaqt said, also taking into consideration what Neil said that this is the final goodbye to Joel and Ellie, might be them showing that Joel and Ellie have settled into some sort of normalcy in their relationship and life.

Ellie seems to be distant not because of what Joel did to save her, but it might be something far simpler than that. She is probably acting out the same way a son/daughter acts out when their one and only parent meets someone new and it has become serious. She might feel like Joel is leaving her and therefore breaking his promise, in other words, she is acting like a daughter being raised by a single dad, when said dad meets a woman in whom he is interested in.

That to me is the final goodbye to them, to see that Joel after doing what he did, and building the bond he built with Ellie, wasn't just using her as a repleacement for his lost "opportunity", that he has become exactly what she needed him to become and that is her father.

And Ellie, is alive and well. After accepting Joels actions when she asked him to be honest and tell the truth, and has settled into her life and has bonded with Joel as the father she never had. Even having "normal" reactions to him dating.

That to me, was their happy ending.

harrisk9541958d ago

One of the posters on NeoGaf said that he was there and that the 4-year timing is not correct. To him, it appeared to be soon after the events in the game ended.

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Why did they do that? I really wanted to see that, im disappointed

JoGam1958d ago

Maybe someone has a bootleg copy.

Afterlife1958d ago

It should have been included in the remastered edition.

Stallion1958d ago

I'm glad they didn't put it in, maybe in the options menu as a cool BTH, but not in the actual game. I didn't like it at first but thinking back, the way TLOU ended was perfect in a way that would only be perfect for a game like that.

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