Jack Black Says 'Brutal Legend' Will Be Released 'Someday'

Clearly, Jack Black wants to talk about "Brutal Legend." The man wore a shirt adorned with the upcoming heavy metal action game's logo during the MTV Movie Awards two weeks ago in Los Angeles.

Most of the folks sticking microphones in his face at the awards largely avoided the topic. And that's too bad because so little has been heard about the game since it was announced through Game Informer last year as developer Tim Schafer's next project.

Thankfully, MTV News' own Kim Stolz, however, did get Black to chat ever so briefly about his shirt and what it means. They got a tiny, mini-update about the game.

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BigKev453780d ago

Dam, forgot all about that game, lol.

StalkingSilence3780d ago

Imagine seeing something like this in a newspaper or magazine. haha I dunno must just be my mood or the fact that I don't care for Jack Black.

Lombax3600d ago

Been waiting for this game ever since I first read the game informer article.

@ 2

Probably both...