New Destiny Multiplayer Map Revealed: "Twilight Gap" IGN

Ryan McCaffreyThe Destiny beta may be over, but if what we've seen up at Bungie during IGN First is any indication, what you saw and played was just a fraction of what's in the full game. Today's sneak peek of the final game is a Crucible map reveal of "Twilight Gap" set on Earth. See it and study it now so that you've got a leg up on your competition when come September.

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KingKelloggTheWH1961d ago

I can't wait for this game!

Despite all the terrifying amount of misinformation going around this game is going to be huge, and it doesn't help that it plays better than 98% of shooters.

aragon1961d ago

i liked the lore and i liked the dancing

Gozer1961d ago

" and it doesn't help that it plays better than 98% of shooters"

I think that's a little bit of hyperbole. The gameplay isn't bad(in the PvE at least), but come on, 98% of shooters? I found the controls sluggish while running in both the PvE and PvP. Shooting enemies while jumping was almost impossible in both the PvE and PvP. You could not reload while running. Despite these minor issues, I really enjoyed the PvE. Loved opening up with my upgraded Shingren-C auto rifle, and utterly destroying any Fallen I came in contact with. I loved the PvE in the beta.

The Crucible is a whole other can of worms. Along with the control issues I mentioned above, it was a complete unbalanced mess. The majority of weapon types in the PvE were pretty much useless in the Crucible. Bungie used the same gameplay tools in the Crucible, as they used in Halo(jump, melee, grenade, special power, and weapon fire), only they didn't use them the same way in the Crucible, as they did in Halo. Which considering all the similarities that Destiny shares with Halo, you would think Bungie would make the gameplay in the Crucible similar to the multiplayer gameplay that made them a huge success. In Halo, you would generally use a two attack combo(some variations of melee, grenade, special power, or weapon fire)to get a very quick kill. This required some skill, and made the gameplay rewarding. The Crucible currently is nothing like this, a kill/death is nearly instantaneous regardless of what you use, I would prefer a longer survivability so you could at least fight back or even escape. Its entirely possible to kill an entire team taking an objective by simply pressing two buttons simultaneously in the Crucible. That is unskilled, cheap, and hardly the definition of good gameplay. But Im not ready to give up on Bungie just yet regarding the PvP, they still have time to balance things. And I hope they do, because it would extend the life of the game greatly for me.

Slick811961d ago

Yes oh my god best game ever made 10/10