Final Fantasy Fan Translation Has Become A Fiasco

Kotaku: "For many gamers and media outlets across the web, the narrative became simple: big bad corporation comes out of nowhere to step on hardworking fans. But the story of Final Fantasy Type-0's fan translation—which I've been following for months now—is far more nuanced, full of drama both external and internal. Square Enix has been engaged in conversations with the fan translation team for quite some time now, according to team members. And not everyone on the team is happy with how the patch was released—or how this story seems to be ending."

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-Foxtrot1731d ago

Well they only did it because Square Enix were being a shit company as usual giving us mostly things we don't want while refusing to make the stuff we do.

I knew Square would wait until it was finished before they announced the official version

GeofferyPeterson1731d ago

All I have to say is スクウェア·エニックスファック.

christian hour1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

They did the exact same thing with the chrono trigger remake, let the fan made team work on it for 3-4 years, then rained down the C&D when it was very near completion. There was also a fan fiction chrono ROM hack being made that bridged the stories Cross and Trigger using assets from Trigger that was C&D'd by square too.

Square are not at all what they used to be, aven't been for well over a decade now. They're no longer about making quality games first and a profit second, their CEO is too busy trying to be one of the big publishers now like Acti/EA/UBI and forgetting its roots, the friendliness it used to show towards their fans and community and the compassion they used to put in to their games.

Not even a trickle of any of that is left at square, except maybe Testsuyo Nomura and crew, they're the only saving grace for square enix's integrity and we havent seen a console game from him since KH2 :(

Hopefully FFversusXIII/FFXV and KH3 are everything they're promising to be, I havent bought a squeenix game since FFXII, I havent enjoyed one since FFX.

Bobby Kotex1731d ago

My hopes aren't up for XV. I was hyped for this like, 5 years ago

Godmars2901731d ago

Square was never about quality first, profit second. No actual business could survive on such a model.

But they were about experimentation. Something which stopped with the Enix merger, became an over focus on cinematics because that became an obsession with Sakaguchi. Which lead to Spirits Within and the movie studio bet on it which was gambling at its worst.

Now in the post Wada era which was marked by both too little and too much control on the art side, we can only hope to see sign that Square has gotten their crap together - only there isn't any.

Paprika1731d ago

Actually Yoshida from realm reborn is very community driven and definitely not the corperate monster the high ups are. But yeah, the final fantasy and square Enix community are extremely dedicated, square have largely taken a huge shit on us the last 6-7 years!

hkgamer1731d ago

se has been an ass for waiting so long before shutting these projects down. but maybe most of them thought that these fan projects wont go anywhere. it is their ip, they can do anything with it.

i feel that for future porpuses, these fan projects should ask the publishers first, they probably dont have to but just do it before you waste your time.

christian hour1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


Yeah I will admit my hopes are completely bottom barrell now if not non-existent at this point. I still hang on to a glimmer of hope, as foolish as that makes me.

As for no business surviving on a product;first profit;second model, (@godmars290) Yes... all business's are in it for profit, but thats such a blanket statement. It's how that business conducts itself in making that profit that truly matters. And square enix have been doing it the horrible underhanded consumer unfriendly way for a decade now, whereas before they put a lot of quality in to their product and was a studio you could trust. Now they're an untrustworthy publisher first, lazy developer second. But you're absolutely right, they stopped taking risks after the enix merger which was the end result of Spirits Within being a financial disaster. It's a shame really :(

Godmars2901731d ago

Yoshida's driven to what, revisiting the material from older franchises? Fixing others messes?

I'm still confused about Nomura being held as a savior all this time when his claim to fame is KH.

Edsword1730d ago

XII was a great game, but had a slow start. I actually put it up there with one of my favorite RPGs.

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TM3331731d ago

The fan translation group should be seen as uber heroes and nothing less! Squeenix should be ashamed of themselves, almost as much as Sega should be for leaving Western gamers in the cold with PSO2.

hkgamer1731d ago

no they shouldn't. it is another companies ip.

sky, the project leader i suppose had few reasons why he wanted to release the patch. we will probaby never find out. it could be because he thinks the fans deserve it. however, it was not his project alone. he had a team and he should have respected them. maybe square just wanted to pay them a tiny little sum and others wanted it apart from him.

i assume he didnt want to sell out and give what he thinks fans deserve. but it wasnt really just his project, he should have talked to the team and come up with a decision as a group.

also specifically releasing the patch just before e3 seems like he was scared that se would announce something. which kind of makes his translation obsolete. i think he was wrong to release it.

jegheist20141731d ago

if guy is immune in spain keep pstch up i would screw enix they had 3-4 years annnounce this crap

hkgamer1731d ago

its not his ip.

also it seems like he wanted to release it before his patch becomes obsolete. the way he rushed for a pre3 release when it was not even ready proves it. the team would have looked like a joke after se announce a western new gen version.

i feel sorry for the team. they put a lot of effort into it. but se did reach out to them near completion. probably to sort out a deal. the deal was probably a shitty one, but knowing that se did contact them and they probably could predict that se was going to do something with franchise they should feel bad about releasing patch.

not exactly the same thing, but as far as i am aware. the redub projects for ffx, ffvii crisis core did not get a c&d on those projects so se does not shut down every project.

WeAreLegion1731d ago

Guess I'm not buying it. Good job, SE.

Jubez1871731d ago

Am I supposed to think Square did anything wrong? Seems like the guy Sky is kinda a douche and the SE is just doing what a business should do. Just cause you're a "fan" doesn't mean they're not a business. I can't just go to my favorite restaurant and eat for free just cause I love the restaurant.

A real fan would be excited for the real translation and tell people to buy that game and help SE.

hkgamer1731d ago

i think its a lose lose situation for. both sides.
se looks like a corporate giant fucking fans around.
sky seems to be a robin hood, stealing ip patching it and releasing it to hungry fans. despite probably knowing that se are close to doing something for the fans. want to note that they didnt do this anonymously which means he may be benefiting from this, not gaining money but gaining respect from others.
i also want to say that these patches hurt se, 100,000 people downloaded the game, i doubt even 10% either own or will import this game.that is probably $1,800,000 of potential sales lost. hou could argue that some of those didnt plan to buy from the start which in a sense makes it worse.
also translators team didnt even want to release it yet or at all.

Spotie1730d ago

Stolen IP? Is he claiming it as his? Is he or anyone else trying to profit off this?

The only way I can see SE being right is if these guys were trying to make money off this. If they weren't, then they're just being asses.

hkgamer1730d ago


sorry, just thought about the ripped game and not the patch itself.

so he didnt steal anything. but he is causing se to lose money. but 100,000 downloads means a loss of 100,000 game sales, @$20 each would be $2,000,000. imagine the wages it could pay to its employees, actually imagine the employees se may cut off because they are not making enough money. they could become jobless lose houses, etc.

ok i took it too far,mbut you get what i am saying. big company losing out on money means, people gonna lose jobs.

cloud 2791730d ago

@hkgamer, I don't believe employees at SE would have lost their jobs, because after the game was released they shelved the English version of the game. Reason provided by SE to shelve the English version of type 0 due to market share of the PSP. When the English version was shelved the work that went into the game was considered a loss. One thing that you also forgot to mention that, is SE still producing the game disk for type 0 or has the production on those halted as well? I believe the game production (game disk) has been halted. If the game disk production has been halted then SE isn't making a profit and are neither taking a loss as well. The translation has been public knowledge for a while with forums at gaming websites and articles on this site as well. SE should have had knowledge of the fan translation in existence for a while now, and should have stopped it when the game was still being translated and not waited till after the release. My opinion is that SE had an ulterior motive, they wanted to release the game on PS4/ XB1 and didn't want this game available for people to download. I think the HD version of this game is very far out, since the production may have just started recently and nothing has been shown on this game.

jegheist20141731d ago

a douche roflmao enix was never gonna localise this game eva until this sky guy got team translated then said wait minute we can make money off this.

yea id like to see anyone here translate japanese nevermind inject hexidecimal cutscenes etc that team did to make it english if u can do that you may call whomever douche.

i played patched version of game loved it and beat im buying it on ps4 next year also game is that good.

enix has bashed lightning into westerners heads far to long i want true ff i got sick of waiting for type 0 its ifnally comingn ow buto nly due to team having initative to make enix do something bout it

TM3331730d ago

Thank you. Speak the truth. Squeenix would have been quite content with just letting this game fade off, as it already was doing. Thx to the fans, they most likely felt obligated to make some sort of move. And the best part... even though the game is announced for the West now, it won't be released until late 2015 LMAO. I wouldn't doubt it gets pushed to 2016.

Jubez1871730d ago

You've no proof of any of that. And IDT SE was worried about a PSP game getting translated to the point where they were like "let's spend 10000's of resources and dev time to make it on PS4 and XBONE as to not get stolen from by this dude."