Nintendo Should Buy Capcom and Unleash Them on the Next Gen

Capcom has been a highly important and successful third-party company for decades, but lately they've faced some tough times and financial struggles. As a result, the company has experienced downsizing and restructuring over the past two years, and investors recently voted to end their takeover defense policies. Previously Capcom had rules in place to make sure that no outside company could buy up enough stock to take control, but the decision-makers at Capcom have decided to do away with these rules and open themseles up to the possibility of being bought out.

Of course there's no guarantee of a takeover, and not all of Capcom's investors want to sell, but the possibility is now there. A company interested in buying Capcom would have their work cut out for them, but doing so when grant them exclusive ownership of popular franchises like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and more. Any developer could use those games in their lineup, but there's one company that would benefit substantially more than the others, and that's Nintendo. In fact, Capcom is just what Nintendo needs to take big steps forward in the next generation.

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N4g_null1957d ago

Does capcom have any talent left?

PSNintyGamer1957d ago

Ace Attorney Games are still great

NovusTerminus1957d ago

Itsuno, DMC3,4 CvS and Dragons Dogma.

XtraTrstrL1957d ago

Street Fighter, it's holding on by a string though. It's also been slightly tarnished by nickel 'n diming in general, SF x Tekken and it's pay-to-wi... sorry, it's pay-for-advantage system with 'gems' in it, and locking chars on disc to sell as $$DLC$$ later. Then, that COO announcing SF5 along with another pay-for-advantage system, just killed the hype for SF5 for many.

TXIDarkAvenger1957d ago

How is Street Fighter holding on by a string? LOL...

XtraTrstrL1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Because SFxTekken bombed because Disc-locked content, and pay4advantage.

SF4 was good, SSF4 was great, Arcade Edition was getting into the point they said they wouldn't cross of overdoing it on pointless editions. I mean, Evil Ryu, Oni(basically Shin Akuma), and Yun and Yang. There should have been more to that than rebalancing and 4 characters of which are edited 3D model clones in physical presentation, though they have unique movesets.

Ultra SF4 is overdoing it with not adding enough new, and just taking SFxTekken chars and stages and altering the chars a bit. Red Focus isn't enough to make it worth it imo. They are definitely about to kill SF with the same idiocy they've killed everything else with.

That COO recently announcing SF5 along with a new pay-4-advantage system to go with it - was the nail in the coffin for me. Despite Ono denying it being true later on to save face. They are clearly on a predictable route to do to SF what they've done to all their other Grade A+ quality franchises.

Spooney3231957d ago

Nintendo needs to start being Nintendo and crank out some more games!!!!

MSBAUSTX1957d ago

I might be out on a limb here, but I am pretty sure that the Monster Hunter games sell pretty dam well and are dam fun to play as well.

Segata1957d ago

Try a game called EX Troopers. One of the best games they released in years. Also Strider is fantastic. Double Helix yeah did get the full credit but was a collab project.

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XiMasterChief1957d ago

Nobody of the manufacturers (Sony/MS/N) should buy CP.

Godmars2901957d ago

But Nintendo would be the safest thing.

randomass1711957d ago

At least for Mega Man and Phoenix Wright. I would be at least a little concerned for the more mature IPs until I saw what Nintendo did with them.

XiSasukeUchiha1957d ago

John you are 100% right, or just give capcom to EA so the two worst game companies to destroy eachother and then MS should purchase EA and Capcom so MS can have the most exclusives.

EliteGameKnight1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Sorry, I'm not saying that they are all the same person as I just don't have enough knowledge for that, but how many "Xi" profiles are there? Just today I saw the XiRockLee profile as well as this XiMasterChief one. I also know about the XiNarutoUzumaki and and this XiSasukeUchiha, which I see most often on the Nintendo articles. It's getting a little out of hand, which is probably why so many accuse you of being the same person.

Reek1957d ago

I wish Sony buys Capcom and treat them like they treat ND lol.

Capcom is lost in their clouds, all what they need to do is to refocus on their core games. Their games have a lot of potential.

LOL_WUT1957d ago

I'm sorry but if anything Nintendo deserves these Ip's i'm sure they'll bring in new life and creativity to these franchises ;)

XiMasterChief1957d ago

Sony can't afford it.

I don't know what Nintendo.

Microsoft would milk the shit out of some franchises and leave the others to dust.

Qrphe1957d ago

It makes sense for fanboys to want to have their favorite company own more IPs but it makes little financial sense. Taking over another company is very very expensive just in restructuring well beyond what was paid upfront to buy it initially.

ColinSM1957d ago

The article is actually all about proving how it makes financial sense.

Qrphe1957d ago

And it's financially unsound

Djkmilo1957d ago

last time i check Nintendo had a total of 13 Billion dollars,. buying Capcom would just be an investment that in the long run would make them money

XtraTrstrL1957d ago

Would it make them money though? Crapcom would have to be consistently putting out quality that sells for that to work. I think by them even being in the situation they're in now, shows they aren't capable of that at the moment. Unless Nintendo was gonna really get in there and change up how Crapcom does things and could guide them on all the top IPs to where they brought back what made them great - then they could make money.

Just buying them, and letting them continue doing what they've been doing recently - would probably be a horrible waste of an investment.

Chrischi19881957d ago

For Nintendo it would be more about the franchises they could aquire and not the capcom manpower.

Imagine, RE an Wii U exclusive. Nintendo would briing it back to its roots. Nintendo expects quality games. At the same time, they would get some nice fresh franchises, just for themselves. And since Nintendo needs more exclusives, even more than Sony or MS, it would make a lot of sense.

RE games for Gamecube were great, for example.

Ck1x1957d ago

It's sound for Nintendo because they need the extra manpower right now and Capcom studios could work on other Nintendo franchises as well not just their own. Some of the best handheld Zelda games were produced by Capcom. With capcom in the fold, Nintendo would gain much needed manpower and some really great IP's.

Theyellowflash301957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Capcom isn't for sale. This article is stupid. If Nintendo wants to get a Capcom IP, just moneyhat it like they did The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, and Devil's Third.

There is no need to buy a whole FREAKING company to get some exclusive games on your system.

On top of that, the financial impact would rip Nintendo apart. Capcom would be VERY expensive to buy...Their market cap is around 900 million. I'm sorry, but Nintendo has had 3 straight years of operating losses..... THEY can't afford to buy Capcom. Because it would result in another operating loss for the next couple years.

Iwata would be signing his death wish as President and CEO if he decided to spend $1 billion on Capcom. I said. Capcom isn't for sale, so this article is pointless.

Djkmilo1957d ago

all nintendo needs to is invest in 51% of Capcoms shares so they can get exclusivity on their IPs...with that been sed it would not be that expensive and capcom needs Nintendo to get back on their feet

Theyellowflash301957d ago

That would still cost more than $500 million or so. You could moneyhat MANY games with that amount.

Nintendo hasn't even released these franchise on Wii U:

Kid Icarus
Golden Son
Glory of Hercules
Wave Race
1080 Snowboarding
Excite Bike/Truck
Eternal Darkness
Custom Robo

THERE ARE SOOOO many franchises Nintendo hasn't even funded or made yet.

The LAST thing Nintendo needs is to buy more franchises ..... in additon to all the franchises they don't even use.

sinspirit1957d ago

You assume that those 51% percent shares are up for sale.. Lol. If you could simply buy them then no company would be safe.

Djkmilo1957d ago

i agree to a certain extend of not using all the IPs they have...but still that does not really matter....they should NOT let the opportunity just fly by them....Nintendo knows they need to make ppl buy their products, Street fighters has a HUUUUUGGEEE FALLOWING, MEGAMAN HUUUGGGEEE FALLOWING, fallowing for Monster Hunter is astronomical and the fan base asking for an old style resident evil is the majority, the of course, the cherry on top Devils May Cry, Ghost and Goblins, okonami, Dark Stalkers, Death Rising, and the rest of Fighting Games that Capcom has the right to, with all this been sed why would nintendo let this go?? more games developers would fight to start squeezing that fat cow

Theyellowflash301957d ago


Capcom isn't SELLING themselves. There is no opportunity. The idiot media is blowing this story out of proportion.

Capcom is not for sale. Not even part of them is for sale.Can you guys not understand this?

Ol_G1957d ago

They can't afford ?
Sorry but please go do your research cause with the reserves Nintendo has in the bank they could buy them ten times over and still have some left

Theyellowflash301957d ago

How about YOU do some research.

First of all Capcom isn't for sale.

Second Capcom's Market Cap is at 1 billion, Nintendo has 4.7 billion in cash assets.

So no, Nintendo couldn't buy Capcom "10 times over" they would need at least 10 billion in cash assets to do that.

Maybe in the Wii era Nintendo could have done it, but at this point, Nintendo needs to make money. Absorbing a massive company like Capcom and funding expensive games like Street Fighter and Resident Evil are not financially feasible for a company WHO ALREADY doesn't use multiple IPs they have.

MSBAUSTX1957d ago

Can you please list your source that causes you to believe that Capcom isn't considering selling itself? You are so hung up on it so I thought I would ask. There have been several articles about them selling, not necessarily making it true I know, but there are not any articles says that they aren't selling. They also have not made any kind of press release or news article saying they aren't selling. So unless you work for them and or really don't want them to sell, most people are going to run with these stories. List a credible source that says they aren't and we will move on.

Theyellowflash301957d ago

Can you list your source saying Capcom is for sale? All the company did was end their "hostile takeover" defense from the shareholders.

All of those articles proclaiming Capcom was for sale ran with it.

NONE of the articles ever had ANYTHING from a Capcom source that says the ccmpany is for sale.

Ending takeover defense DOES NOT MEAN the company is for sale. Nintendo is the LAST Company that will perform a hostile takeover on any company.

MSBAUSTX1956d ago

I agree with what you say about Nintendo not trying a hostile take over. They have more class than that. But I would say that there is not enough evidence to say either capcom is for sale or isnt for sale. So why not have some fun in the meantime and play "what if" with the rest of us and not take things so literal? Trust me it is good for your health.

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GenericNameHere1957d ago

I don't get the reason for Nintendo buying Capcom. It just seems like Nintendo fanboys want it because of... Megaman? That's it? What's Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, and Megaman gonna do? Sell less copies? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Capcom NEEDED money, not lose money.

Like I said before, Disney is the best choice, IMO. They've had huge collaborations before, the MvC license would be bigger, and Disney would have its own giant gaming division to rival WB's own gaming division. With Disney, Capcom will still be able to make multiplatform and mobile games, and be able to keep afloat with funding (if their games don't keep flopping that is).

wonderfulmonkeyman1957d ago

Where's the guarantee that Capcom would LOSE money?
Monster Hunter and Megaman both have good homes on Nintendo systems, and Resident Evil has also seen its fair share of success with them, as has Street Fighter.

If Nintendo really wanted to make some heads turn, though, they'd buy out majority shares but then still allow Capcom to continue making multiplatform games, and just use the shares they've acquired as a guarantee that all games going forward would get either a home console or handheld version for Nintendo alongside them, maybe with a focus on those versions first or exclusive content.

Good guy Nintendo allowing Capcom to continue to profit off of all consoles while still snagging themselves multiplats, and some exclusive projects alongside them.
That would be a really incredible move by Nintendo, and it would make Sony and Microsoft fans happy, too, because they'd still be getting the games they've grown to love on their own systems.

KuroKazuma1957d ago

no one woult buy capcom games on wii u
like the 3rd party games

wonderfulmonkeyman1957d ago

@ Kuro
That's BS and you know it.
If the games weren't gimped in any way, they'd sell perfectly fine.
MH3U is doing pretty damned well, after all, and Megaman and Nintendo have been so chummy lately that I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo bought out the IP just to keep him around.

GenericNameHere1957d ago

Where's the guarantee that Capcom won't underperform by being Wii U only? Monster Hunter on handhelds bring good money. MH is Capcom's own COD, which is to say a game that's been reusing horrible and cheap assets since forever and still able to sell millions. Looking at sales for Megaman games, they've sold the most on Nintendo platforms. But then what about the hardcore games, like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, etc. These require a bigger budget, so you'd need to be making a bigger profit.

Buying majority of stocks, but letting them make multiplats sound like a horrible idea. So you spend a lot of money on a company that will benefit your competition more than yourself? Why?

wonderfulmonkeyman1957d ago

@ Generic
As I stated before, both Resident Evil and Street Fighter have seen major success on Nintendo consoles in the past, and they can do so again, so those aren't a concern.
Devil May Cry and Dead Rising, however, are a slight cause for concern because they're not known for being on Nintendo consoles.[though, given the acceptance of Bayonetta 2 by the fan base, DMC might actually sell okay]

But as to the last part of your post, it's to show favor to the core base that still want to see those games come to their systems.
Nintendo's systems will obviously get exclusive content the others don't, though, which will be an enticement all their own, but the point of allowing Capcom to keep doing multiplatform titles, is to show core gamers that Nintendo cares about and respects them.
That kind of olive branch would go a lot farther than you think, in regards to earning them the respect of core gamers.
As long as Nintendo didn't start making that sort of thing a habit with the other companies under their umbrella, allowing just Capcom to do it might actually do quite a bit for their reputation.
And right now, gaining a solid reputation for being supportive of the core players is an important thing for Nintendo.

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