Simbin Studios To Shut Down

Troubling news are coming in from Sweden as Simbin Studios AB, long-time producer of sim racing titles, is apparently bankrupt and going out of business.

The sad news has been confirmed by former Simbin employee AnneSofie W. Madsen on Facebook.

As confirmed by AnneSofie, RaceRoom Racing Experience is planned to “continue in another setting”, the fact that staff has been laid off indicates that the new outfit will undergo some serious restructuring.

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memots1956d ago

This is what happens when the business side of gaming is shooting to be the next billion dollars hit like candy crush.

Hopefully some people learn from this and don't try to apply this to all their games ( wink wink EA ).

Their latest Project as awesome as it is was way over price with their Free 2 Race model that threw me off completely until recently with all the sale they had and the DTM Experience pack , Awesome game just marketed wrong.

Simbin the legend is done in name only though since they already updated the news that the studio will carry on the project and most of the members to a new location and under a new name.