The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Screenshots Show Beautiful Environments and Great Photo Mode Effects

The Last of Us Remastered will be out at midnight’s bell, and in order to ease the wait, here’s another serving of lovely screenshots of the game.

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JoGam1961d ago

They should start adding Photo mode to a lot more games. Let people get creative.

Abriael1961d ago

I agree. I would love it to become a standard.

JoGam1961d ago

Watching The Last of Us Spoken Word tonight?

gamercologyst1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

DAMN, Modern Gaming is no more for Gamers
ModernGaming is for Cinephile and Photographers

Gaming is no more for Hardcore Gamers

JoGam1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

@ Gamercologyst....I TOTALLY DISAGREE. Why should this affect gaming or the Modern Gaming? Photo Made should not affect a good game or hardcore game. If anything it adds to it. But not adding to the gameplay or story. In fact when you beat some of the old games back in the day you could unlock features that will change the look of the game or unlock some sort of photo mode or even extra characters that can be used if you decided to play the story again. But nothing that will affect how great the game was or make the game less hardcore. Its just features.

OrangePowerz1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )


I like to play games and I like to capture cool or great moments of my gaming adventures in photos or videos. There had been crap loads of moments in the past where I wished I had recorded it or taken a screenshot, in Red Dead Redemption alone there had been so many moments I would have liked to capture.

I think recording videos or making photos is actually for core gamers. Just like we make pictures of our holidays we want to keep evidence of our greatest gaming achievements, craziest moments in games or just beautiful moments that we can look back at later and watch and not just relive in our heads and share with others.

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OrangePowerz1961d ago

I agree with that, the amount of time I spent in previous Gran Turismo games making pictures is huge.

EData1961d ago

Photo mode is going to be fun to play with.

OUROSMAG1961d ago

only five and a half hours left!!

JoGam1961d ago

Just preordered mine from the PS Store.

ziggurcat1961d ago

this is really not helping me resist buying this game again...

JoGam1961d ago

Why resist? Let your feelings go my son. Join us, Be apart of The Last of US. LOL

uth111961d ago

One more day until these constant TLOU articles stop! :P

JoGam1961d ago

One more day before I can stop seeing your comments.

uth111961d ago

don't get your hopes up

christian hour1961d ago

One more day before you deal with months of Last Of Us Remastered photo mode articles you, mean. Hell, we still get the odd Infamous photo article popping up now and then, things are only going to get crazier after this game hits tonight (I have to wait til Friday myself, shouldve been a worldwide release imo :( )

I dont understand why people are so passive aggressive towards this game around here, can't people appreciate good games when they see them? I just don't understand Humans sometimes, and I am one :(

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