Official Metal Gear Solid 4 Magazine for free

GamerZines has published the official MGS4 digital magazine for Konami, ahead of the game's release on Thursday. The magazine is free to download and includes a guide to What's new in the game, and introduction by Hideo Kojima and an interview, as well as a Meet the Gang feature, competition and more. The magazine is packed with video snippets and interactive content and is published in English, French, German and Italian editions. All you require is Adobe Reader version 6 or above. All of the magazines can be accessed directly here.

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CrashSharc3780d ago

why does Qore come to mind when I read this...?

Lord_Ash3780d ago

I recommend this, I bought it a while ago and it's great, even for a Metal Gear freak like me there wa something new.

Angelitos3780d ago

Xbots, this aint for u, hahahahahahahaaha