Twitch Now Integrated into Runescape; First Browser-based Game to Integrate Twitch.

Jagex, creators of one of the world’s largest free MMORPG games in Runescape, has announced today that Twitch.TV will become and integral part of the game client.

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ROQFrost1961d ago

This is actually pretty cool.

JoeIsMad1961d ago

Agreed. I think pretty much everyone had a Runescape phase, so it's nice to see that they are keeping up with the times, even as the gaming stage is becoming more social.

ThatOneRiggaNob1961d ago

lol I played this game sooooo much. I'd say at least 9-10 yrs.

cleft51961d ago

I play the game hardcore for about 9 years. I am actually one of the first people to play the game.

Stevefantisy1961d ago

Nice if more get on board with this it will put heat on companies like xsplit to be competitive with their prices in the long run

JoeIsMad1961d ago

Not only will they have to be competitive, but they are going to have to be feature filled. If we can already stream the game and our Webcam, that's good enough for most people.

Jacktrauma1961d ago

Ahhh Runescape! Just when you thought it was dead, it goes and pioneers something else to put it right on the map again. Good form

JoeIsMad1961d ago

I'm not sure that it fell off the map. Sure, it hasn't enjoyed the millions of concurrent players that some other games have, but Runescape has been around for 13 years now. It will live on!

Magnus7011961d ago

I have high hopes for the future and more mediums get stream integration.

Skate-AK1961d ago

That is huge for Jagex. Congrats.

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