ConsoleTuner Introduces a Universal Gaming Device for Serious Gamers

ConsoleTuner is proud to introduce the next generation of controller adapter with a user customizable device designed to provide players with the ultimate level of gaming control. Gamers can get an edge up on the competition with the Gtuner PRO (Windows Software) and GamePacks for features, such as adjustable rate rapid fire, aim assist, and auto spot, drop shot, scoping abilities, easy sprint, and more previously only available on “Modified” aftermarket controllers.

Because of the ability to swap button layouts, gamers will be able to use the Titan One to adjust their controllers to their personal tastes, something especially important to southpaw gamers.

ConsoleTuner has ensured the device is an easy USB plug-and-play gadget that works on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, and requires no installation or hardware modification.
The Titan One device includes Bluetooth v4.0 compatibility for wireless PS4 & PS3 controller support.

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XiSasukeUchiha1962d ago

This device looks cool, and I might try it out:)

Let's the disagrees begin!

GeraltofRivia1962d ago

What does "auto spot" mean in regards to this device. I think I might try this for pc games

Stapleface1962d ago

It means if you suck at the FPS you are playing, and you need something to light up your enemies on the map for you, use this, you cheating pos. I believe that to be the definition.

jwm21962d ago

Its used in BF4 and it allows you to spot enemies for your teammates. It normally requires a button push to reveal them, this just does it for you automatically. Not a big deal, imo.

Stapleface1962d ago

@jwm2 Good to know cheating is not a big deal to you, in your opinion. The thing is most people I have run into don't spot. That is their stupidity. Having something do it for you without you needing to think about it, and press the button to do it, is cheating.

Kavorklestein1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Great. So now people can cheat even easier. Now people who got modded controllers last gen can just buy this to program things they want to do to make it easier to win. This company should be ashamed for incorporating cheating into their business model.

I think the functionality for keyboard or mouse on console is cool, and the button assigning is cool too, but the auto aim, drop shot, rapid fire, and auto spot abilities are so stupid.
There needs to be a networks ban on Xbox live and Psn that disables this crap from being taken online.

This article's headline is B.S. too. SERIOUS GAMERS?
Serious gamers don't cheat.
They get serious about developing the skill to be GOOD at a game.

Blasphemy. Gaming Blasphemy.

I guess we know who is excited to be able to cheat easier than ever before???

Chrischi19881962d ago

1 more reason, to get a Wii U :)

Stapleface1962d ago

For single player games, whatever, your only cheating yourself. But for multiplayer games, there needs to be some way to ban for this stuff. Being the top guy on the board is just too important to some people. To hell with just enjoying the game. This is for those type of people that get mad when they lose, throw their controllers, and go on childish temper tantrums. I guess for the parent/spouse that deals with that because the person didn't get raised properly, this is the perfect product. However this would be great minus those cheats, the other things this product does are great.

Roccetarius1962d ago

I can't wait to see the tears this will cause, honestly. This is just about one of the most controversial things for MP games.

Kavorklestein1962d ago

True dat.
Unless this thing is like 200 bucks, everyone is gonna use one, even then, mofo's like to cheat.

I'm gonna be pissed if Sony and Microsoft don't find a way of banning them.

Roccetarius1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

items like these shouldn't be needed for configuring controls in a game, but developers seem to like the idea of not allowing a playstyle that works for you.

Keyboard and Mouse functionality is fine as well.

That's why i'm all for this, but not things like rapid fire.

jwm21962d ago

You don't have to use rapid fire online. You can use it not at all or offline when messing around on your own time.

There are plenty of other great features such as cross over controller support, where you can use a PS4 controller on Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PS3, etc.

You can also remap the buttons to your liking, this is great for disabled gamers and lefties. You can use a keyboard and mouse if you happen to be an old school gamer who just can't get used to a gamepad.

You can create macros and scripts to pull off special moves in fighting games that are very hard to do.

With its easy to learn scripting language you finally have full control over your controllers and can do whatever you wish. The possibilities are endless. This is one of those devices where your imagination is the only limitation.

With so much control at your disposal of course there is the possibility of abuse, but that goes with just about anything. You can use gasoline to fuel your car or you can do harm. The decision is yours, use the power wisely :)

ConsoleTuner1962d ago

Its great for left handed gamers and handicap gamers also as they can remap the buttons to suit their needs. The best part about this is it's plug and play and doesn't require any modding so you never void your warranty. Also unlike a modded controller this is never obsolete, when new games come out you just download a new GamePack and viola.

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