Moon - Prologue Story

This is one of the developer's of the highly anticipated DS game Moon's blog post. It contains a nice little prologue story for their upcoming title. In case you didn't know Moon is a FPS/Survival Horror game that takes place on an outpost on the moon where astronauts have discovered a unopened Alien door on the surface of the planet. The developers claim it to play very much like System Shock 2 one of the best games of all time. (we'll see)

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PS360WII3781d ago

odd little tale... and this is for Moon on DS?

mepsipax3781d ago

It's from the developers and I think they're creating this little short novel as a prologue for their game.

PS360WII3781d ago

huh cool. Seemed like an out of place happenings for a first person shooter... but that's only a little part of the tale I guess :)