Confirmed - Grand Theft Auto V Will Receive ENBSeries Modding Treatment

Grand Theft Auto V will be soon released on the PC and a lot of people wondered whether Boris Vorontsov would create an ENBSeries mod for it. Well, it has just been confirmed that GTA V will receive the ENBSeries treatment as it is the next game that Boris will mod.

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gillri1966d ago

hope you got at least a 65 inch screen to play it on,

Future_20151966d ago

huh? what u on about its a 28inch monitor and im sitting right next to it

Riderz13371966d ago

Are you one of those guys who think you need a 60+ inch TV to tell the difference of 1080P or higher resolution??

Come on son...

SteamPowered1966d ago

Im with you Gill. Resolution has diminishing returns unless you have a certain screen size. Human eye simply cannot tell the difference in higher resolution if its on a small screen.

LAWSON721966d ago

If his face is 6 inches away from the screen there will be a noticeable difference between a 24in 1080p and 28-32 in 2160p display.

tee_bag2421966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

My Cell phone is 1080p lol. You think people don't notice resolution? Hmm inconvenient truth hey.
Ill tell you something ill notice.. its 60fps

GeraltofRivia1966d ago

I have seen pc games on a 55 inch , 60 inch and 65 inch 1080p tvs. Now I own a 2560 x 1600 Dell monitor and the graphics that 1600p produce over 1080p is incredible.

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ATi_Elite1966d ago

Well to all those who were sick and tired of gtaiv pc ice mod articles prepare to vomit once again

GTAV PC 4K in yo face and prepare to see graphics in November that maybe next gen (xb1 2.0 ps5) might be able to do.

Seriously its a good time for all as you get to witness gaming and its graphical evolution. As long as things progress WE All WIN.

davethedj1966d ago

haha seriously its about that time for those pc gamers to get it hahaha
meanwhile its old shit for us cons gamers

tee_bag2421966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

@ davethedj

I've got it on console and it runs like a$$. I finished it and shelved it eagerly waiting for the PC release to give me this masterpiece at 60fps with some much needed AA.
Please speak for yourself fanboy.

BitbyDeath1965d ago

Looking forward to this, wonder if they can top order/uncharted 4 graphics.

TardcoreGamer1966d ago

ENB alone will bring your rig to its knees. Quit playin' with that 2160p talk.

FlyingFoxy1966d ago

Anyone will need a good rig to play this if it's anywhere near as badly optimized as IV.

In reality this game should run well on high end GPU's from 2-3 years ago because it only looks a bit better than IV, of course we all know that won't happen because it never does.

1080p 120hz for me, 4k is way overhyped and you need to spend a fortune on 2-3 GPU's to get good frame rates.

BitbyDeath1965d ago

A bit better than IV? IV looked like a slightly better PS2 game, even then I preferred the art style of vice city and San andreas

gillri1966d ago

cant to get PS4 version

Corpser1966d ago

The definitive edition it is

jdiggitty1966d ago

Does it require sign in though Social Club for the base game? I've had terrible luck with R* games on PC

Hazmat131966d ago

can't wait to see these they are insane to see. but be ready for 60+ stories about it.

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