Portal 2 Easter Egg Asks the Question We All Want to Know

Junkie Monkeys: While playing Portal 2, one eagle eyed gamer discovered an Easter Egg that asks the question many gamers have been asking for almost a decade.

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Iceball20002857d ago

holy cow even the game makers of Portal want to know where HL:E3 is! lol ... im guessing its on its way though!

Treezy5042857d ago

Let's hope we see it soon, my guess is an announcement in 2015.

mep692857d ago

If they don't announce something soon, I'm going to blow up a hospital.

ATi_Elite2857d ago

Left 4Dead 3 will arrive first then episode 3 followed by Half Life mmo then portal 3 and finally Ricochet 2 or some new Valve IP

crusf2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

By the time HL3 comes out people will have huge expectations that the game will not meet. Then the developers get the blame for not giving them the game they always wanted.

matt1392857d ago

Yep catch 22 for valve. They really have dug themselves a corner.

aliengmr2857d ago

What expectations?

This is said often, but HL2 was a long time ago, what actual expectations can there be at this point?

About the only expectation that it couldn't meet would be to not exist.

LAWSON722857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I hope when it does happen it just pops up on Steam out of the blue with zero announcements that would be epic and an awesome surprise.

TH3BR3W2857d ago

Oh dear what an awesome idea lol. You know someone would leak info about it though

jnemesh2857d ago

At this point...who would believe them?