The Wii Version of Skylanders: Trap Team to Include Wii U Download Code Also

While cross-buy promotions are only just starting for Nintendo, Skylanders may be leading the way in the field – just not in the conventional sense.

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Stevefantisy1731d ago

Nice its good to see Nintendo finally getting into the game since E3 I'm actually looking forward to see more stuff like this from them.

JoeIsMad1731d ago

I'm not sure that Trap Team is going to break them out, but this cross-buy option just may. Just need to see more stuff from the 3DS/Wii U cross-buy options.

lilbroRx1731d ago

I thought Skylanders was made by Activision, which would mean that Activision is getting into the game.

Third party devs need to do this more often if they want to recapture the audience they've repeatedly burned on the Wii U.

SpeedDemon1731d ago

By "game" he means the console race. Who knows, Nintendo may have gave them some money to do this.

Summons751731d ago

Weird that Activision will give anything out for free... I think I should be afraid that the end times are coming, what's next they will have a change of heart and let Naughty Dog make a Crash game?

lilbroRx1731d ago

What does Naught Dog and Crash have to do with this?

Summons751731d ago

Activision is a greedy company and the worst company in the gaming industry. If you haven't been following the news they recently told Naughty Dog they could not use the rights to Crash Bandicoot for a fan art contest....A CONTEST and they also said they wouldn't let anyone make a game either. Activision makes Skylanders and are giving out a free game, which is the opposite of their typical attitude toward things.

thezeldadoth1731d ago

you act as if naughty dog isnt also a greedy company