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Matt at Codec Moments writes: "For the last couple of years the people at Just Add Water have been crafting New ‘n’ Tasty, more than just an HD makeover of the original Abe’s Oddysee, and it’s finally landed on the great-grandson of the platform that brought it fame."

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randomass1711732d ago

Ah yes, another gem from the past. So glad this series is making a comeback. I really hope people support this version so we can get remakes of the other Oddysee games like Stranger's Wrath did.

AHall881732d ago

Is it just the first game? Because for $30 I expect Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus.
Otherwise I'd have no problem supporting Oddworld Inhabitants.

randomass1711732d ago

Just the first game I think. They said they would consider remakes for Abe's Exoddus and Munch's Oddysee if this game is successful.

Ares84HU1732d ago

It's $23 and the first game only. But it's worth every penny. They did an awesome job and this is how remakes should be done.