Ninja Theory Teases Something, But it Isn’t DMC2: “Cannot Wait to Show Off Some New Ninja Work.”

If you love Ninja Theory games look like the hype machine is warming its engine, as the developer is teasing something.

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Abash1726d ago

There's still hope for a real Devil May Cry 5 then!

Sevir1726d ago

I'll thake either. DmC2 or DMC5

-Foxtrot1726d ago

Not dmc2......PHEW.....Thank God

Riderz13371726d ago

The rebooted DMC game was great. It was my first DMC game and I really enjoyed it...Would love a sequel.

trickman8881726d ago

You have bad taste in games.

Also, it's DmC, not DMC.

-Foxtrot1726d ago

Well if you played past DMC games then you would know that it wasn't great. It was a dumbed down game which was inferior in every way.

VileAndVicious1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )


I have played all of the past DMC games (I have a pretty nice collection actually) and I still think it was awesome.

And as I recall there were only really two good DMC games the first and third. Perhaps DmC wasnt better than those, but it was still a good game.

But meh... This arguing over it is getting old. To each his own

Summons751726d ago

Go back and play 3,1,or4 and you will learn what a real DMC game is, how it's played then you will not be saying the same thing. DmC was awful

CervantesPR1726d ago

you poor soul, you played the worst "DmC" ever made, that Dante impostor must die

DevilOgreFish1726d ago

DmC wasn't that bad. I thought it had better levels, character mo-cap, and script than the rest of games before it. though i still believe DMC4 hit the sweet spot for characters, bosses and action speed.

In my opinion the DmC game should have been with; ninja theory handling the script, mo-cap and level designing. and with Capcom handling character designs, boss fights and combat mechanics. that would have been the better way to go.

Sevir1726d ago

He has great taste in games, DmC is a pretty solid Devil May Cry game and and excellent action game on its own merits.

VileAndVicious1726d ago


OMG yes! that would have been awesome. And I have the feeling that if there is ever is a DmC 2 (which I believe there will be) It wont be made by Ninja Theory, it will be developed by Capcom.

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AngelicIceDiamond1726d ago


But please let it be a stealth action Ninja game. Tenchu inspired.

Dear god please.

starchild1726d ago

oh god, please. i hope so bad it is an actual ninja game. Tenchu-like would be amazing.

Summons751726d ago

NO! I would never want them to touch Tenchu after how BAD they screwed up Devil May Cry, even tenchu inspired they will take complete credit and get their typical god complex on and insult the creators of Tenchu when people make comparisons.

Honestly they should just be shut down and the artists (the only good part of their team) could go to someplace they will be able to shine.

VileAndVicious1726d ago

They've been saying they aren't working on DmC 2 for like a year now. So really not a surprise.

the_hitman30001726d ago

Could be with the movie coming. Either that or they might remake the first one. From what I remembered it had a Luke warm reception so I could see them wanting to retry again.

I thought DmC was a good game so I'm curious to see what they do now.

funkybudda1726d ago

probably not, most likely a multi platform game. I believe Sony own's the IP to HS...

TheFallenAngel1726d ago

Let's hope not. The first one was mediocre.

AngelicIceDiamond1726d ago

@Fallen alright we get it you don't like it. If it is a Heavenly Sword sequel then simply don't buy it.

marioJP871726d ago

That has nothing to do with what they can do now.

Orpheo1726d ago

I'm really hoping for a "Heavenly Sword 2" for PS4. With the new CG movie just around the corner, sort-of, I can understand a renewed interest in the franchise from PlayStation.

After "Heavenly Sword" gets a sequel they should work on "Folklore (well not Ninja Theory for "Folklore," I mean PlayStation)." :)

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Ares84HU1726d ago

It's gonna be Tameem Antoniades smoking cigarettes. Wearing some hipster clothing and flipping everyone off. The goal of the game is to get as many people pissed off as you can.

Going to be called Tameem The Awesomest Cool Dude Ruler of the World of Video Games Because F*ck You All.

crazysammy1726d ago

Do you have brain damage?

Ares84HU1726d ago

Clearly, you and 6 others have forgot how this guy acted when NT were making DMC. I was trying to be funny but clearly most people have already forgot.

Selective memory.

......and I have brain damage./s

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