Square Enix Game Showcase | So So Gay

Last week we were invited into Central London to go hands on with some of the upcoming games from Square Enix.

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FarEastOrient1724d ago

Square Enix needs to work faster and better at making games. For the past two years, Rides has been carrying the weight of the company.

FarEastOrient1724d ago

Sorry auto correct on the phone. Eidos

ichizon1724d ago

And Eidos is now owned by SQEX. Square Enix is mainly a publisher today, and they own quite a few great franchises at that.

Their "own" games mainly include old franchises, and they are often co-developed with other studios. Their current projects include Bravely Second, Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy stuff (which hopefully does get better, even though it looks bleak after XIII and XIV). They've recently remastered KHI and II, as well as FFX, X-2 and XIV, which I'm sure has eaten a lot of 1st party production time for them.

LightDiego1724d ago

I thought it was a game called "So So Gay".

masterfox1724d ago

Square glory days were over years ago, now is just a greedy/mediocre/gluttony sinner gaming company, is devilish!

Zeroyosh1724d ago

that may be true, but i still like 80% of the games they put out...because ...they are for the most part fun!

Magicite1723d ago

If Im not wrong, by latest data SE is largest/most revenue Asian video games publisher.