5 Ways Destiny is Better than Halo

StrengthGamer: "With both the Alpha and the Beta episodes of Destiny now behind us it’s time to look toward the future. September 9th, 2014 marks the release date of Destiny, the next chapter in the Bungie saga.

Naturally, gamers have been comparing Destiny to Halo. They are both in space. Both made by Bungie. Both have guns.

Outside of those three things, honestly, there’s not a whole lot similar. In fact, here are 5 ways Destiny is better than Halo."

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Utalkin2me1961d ago

Maybe we should wait for destiny to come out before doing any comparisons.

BattleTorn1961d ago

I know, they're not even made by the same company!

ATi_Elite1961d ago

Destiny is the Halo MMO we always wanted, well I would love to have mmo player amounts well at least 128 player servers as Destiny seems more PVE with console level A.I.

I got limited hands on with Destiny but it felt like an upgraded Halo with RPG elements and you know what?

Destiny feeling like Halo is a dam good thing. What you want Destiny to feel like COD YUCK I say.

TheXgamerLive1961d ago

Should be titlded 5 ways Destiny is DIFFERENT than Halo.
Its definately not better and unfair to compare. Compare to Halo 5 then try to stake that claim.

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EvilWay1961d ago

This game does nothing better than Halo smh

SCW19821961d ago

Your wrong stop living in the past.

UnHoly_One1961d ago


If you are going to tell somebody their opinion is "wrong", at least use proper grammar.

mixolydian_id1961d ago

It's more accurate to conpare the halos to something closer to their release.

Is halo 3 better then borderlands 2?

Is halo 3 better then cod 4?

Is halo 3 better then mass effect 3?
Is halo 4 better than mass effect 3?

Destiny is the birth child of many popular games. It's easy to say it's better because it's newer and it draws ideas from conventions people hadn't thought of before.

We stand on the shoulders of giants

Destiny wouldn't be destiny, if not for halo. You should be thankful halo was such a great series

VileAndVicious1961d ago

The RPG elements alone make it better imo

Volkama1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

But Bungie halo campaigns have brilliant pacing, so you could argue that the lack of RPG elements is a strength.

There are striking similarities between the two and also striking differences. Why does one have to 'beat' the other? They can both be great at what they do.

BallsEye1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I totally disagree with guns. While there is many more in Destiny (small differences between them tho) they just don't feel half as good as halo guns, especially halo 4. Don't feel that power at all.

While Destiny is amazing as it's own game, I could easily write an article giving plenty of reasons why Halo is better...example:

-Competitive multiplayer (just can't match one in halo)
-vehicles (way more in Halo)
-simply better combat and smarter enemies that actually work well together and help each other
-Story (plenty of books, halo is just huge and well written)
-Enemies (ones in Destiny feel very generic)
-4 player Split-screen with ability to take it online

Well, here you have it. Both games are amazing in their own way. If Destiny can keep millions of players logging in every day many years after release (like they still do to Halo 3 and Halo 2), then we can say Destiny is on par with Halo.

You have to play both, to appreciate both. Getting this and MC collection day 1!

tinynuggins1961d ago

Yeah, what's up with the guns in destiny? It feels like I'm shooting nerf guns. That's my biggest gripe with the game so far. That and the speed. So slow.

AngelicIceDiamond1961d ago


I will say Destiny got the sniping down, only because it feels like Halo sniping lol.

Volkama1961d ago

I didn't like the new guns in halo 4 much at all. Battle rifles are most satisfying, and covenant weapons are just kind if iconic, specially the needler IMO. The pretend needler in Destiny is so much less cool.

pedrof931961d ago

Pfff, but hurt abandoned fanboy by Bungie.

"-Competitive multiplayer (just can't match one in halo) " To be honest their exactly the same, just that Destiny has the RPG element.

"-vehicles (way more in Halo) " - You played the beta not the full game, I counted 3 different types of vehicle in Destiny pretty sure there are more.

"-simply better combat and smarter enemies that actually work well together and help each other "
No, just no, please stop, you've pulled this out of your ass. IMO the AI in Destiny is good.

"-Story (plenty of books, halo is just huge and well written)" Destiny is a new IP. Can't compare both.

"-Enemies (ones in Destiny feel very generic)" How generic ? What is the startpoint that you comparing ? COD RUSSIANS ? OR BF CHINESE ? Dude stop, there are more factions for you to see.

"-4 player Split-screen with ability to take it online" Here you're right.

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lifeisgamesok1961d ago

Yes, Halo is the epitome of the 1st person shooter genre

It has the best vehicles for multiplayer and the best maps

The guns are nicely balanced too

Johnsonparts231961d ago

lol it does everything better. Other than 90's split screen multiplayer.....hahaha!

madworld1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

in my opinion it is bitter then halo,I played every halo games and it is not as good as Destiny.after last halo from bungi the game is not very good anymore...

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henriquecopes1961d ago

I do not know why I go nese site! Fanboy site. Every day I walk here has 4 news by downgrading the XBOX. And not to mention that if you mention that you like XBOX and negated aff

sparta761961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

@Hen, what the hell did you just write!?
@jager, that's cool your opinion is your opinion.
I for one can't wait to get my hands on destiny.

ThatOneRiggaNob1961d ago

lol I'm tryna decipher that comment too dude. this is one hard task.

henriquecopes1961d ago

Excuse me if I'm not right I wrote the BRAZIL and like to get on the site, more here and known as the websites of sony fanboy more

AvidGamerrrr1961d ago

How is this article hating on Xbox?

user74029311961d ago

people feel this article is hating on xbox because you cant say anything about the chief! the good old american green red white and blue blood that flows through his patriotic blood through his green helmet of truth. /s

henriquecopes1961d ago

I do not know where the hate comes from both XBONE and their games! If you do not have the console do not criticize boring thing. You estakm like Brazilians in online games. And look, I'm from Brazil

tgunzz1961d ago

To me this article is not hating on xbox (it's more or less who comments in the article). For me Destiny is different enough to development it's own community (just not the game for me though) I think it fits with Mass effect better than Halo. judging off the core mechanics of halo (which destiny has), it doesn't better halo at all. I do feel that there will no migration from the halo community to destiny (opinion/I could be wrong), this game will more likely appeal to those who don't love halo. Now, for the xbox core community destiny is in real trouble going up against the HMCC collection (4 revised games, amazing mp, 4000 achievement points) Bungies first, is going up against it first of it's kind, they are in trouble... For the ps core community, this is maybe not a necessary debate to even get in on due to the fact that most of you don't like any game on xb... Ps is in fact getting its first real fps shooter (just not exclusive/in japan yes).

SilentNegotiator1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Not thinking Halo is the greatest shooter ever = teh haterz an PS fanbois!!

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Scatpants1961d ago

What does this article have to do with XBOX? and you're talking about fanboys. Perhaps you should look in the mirror.

BattleTorn1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Honestly, I feel as though most of hate towards Xbox One is justified. (not all)

I was a die hard Xbox supporter, all through E3 2013 and all the way up to launch even (not to mention 2001-2012)...
..that was until I got my hands on both the systems, and played the multiplats on both my systems. (X1 paled in comparison, in terms of visuals)

Since then, I have left the Xbox brand in the dust, gladly.
Go ahead, anyone can see which platforms I played for the last decade; GT: Battle Torn, PSN: Battle_Torn; I only got a PS3 in 2011, and have been a XBL member for 10y!


People are always quick to label a supporter (of one system over another) a "fanboy" - I just think people would be surprised to know what systems these people previously supported.

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jagermaster6191961d ago

I will say all those features are cool and I did play the beta and I did like it....But honestly I didn't think that this game is the game of the year its an updated halo that's all and I thought the mechanics of shooting in the game were lacking for what even the old halo games had I liked it but not impressed with it I'll be getting the mcc instead way better in my opinion. So all the haters can complain in 3.2

Qwagy UK1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Halo will be running @ 60fps on the xbone, Destiny runs @ 30fps, I think we all know which game will be more playable!

Mega241961d ago

So wait... does this mean the old halos we're shit because they weren't 1080p 60fps? Cus I remember before, they we're a blast and fun to play.

Fanboy logic is incredible.

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