The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 Debuts With Highest Metacritic Score of the Year on Consoles

Today the embargo for reviews of The Last of Us Remastered was lifted, and the debut day seems to be definitely positive for Naughty Dog’s latest labor of love. At the moment of this writing it’s sitting on a Metacritic average of 95, which is the highest of the year between console games.

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jjonez181957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

It's even stated on the box.
"Over 200 Game Of The Year Awards"

Eonjay1957d ago

Tomorrow, there will be a flood a 0 scores once the user scores open ..

Deadpoolio1957d ago

Only morons and brain dead retards ever actually pay any attention whatsoever to anything involving user scores on any site, especially metacritic...It's the worst place to try and judge actual thoughts of anything Xbots get jealous and 0 score games they've never breathed on and Sony fanboys run to give Xbox games 0s

DragonKnight1957d ago

That 95 is literally due to graphical upgrades. It's actually sad that this game is being reviewed again when absolutely nothing of substance has been changed about the game. The characters, story, gameplay design, all of it is the same. 95 out of 100 for 60FPS and 1080p, that's really what it's all about.

Abriael1957d ago

"That 95 is literally due to graphical upgrades"

Because the original didn't have a 95 too?

DragonKnight1957d ago

The original was being reviewed for everything. Going into the review of a remaster, you should expect that everything stated in the original review still applies because it's not a reboot or a reimagining just a remake. IGN reviewed the original, Gamespot reviewed the original, and so on and so forth right?

So those sites already know what the game is about, they aren't reviewing the game for content they've already reviewed and scored. They know how much they like the story, they know how much they like the characters because the game, say it with me, is a remaster.

So I reiterate, the score is for the 1080p/60FPS, if it weren't for that then reviews are completely redundant and every site could just make a page that says "Read our original review of The Last of Us here" with a link to the original review because, you know, it's still the same TLOU as it was before.

johndoe112111957d ago


Again, what exactly is the problem? All you're doing is stating the obvious in a complaining sort of way and you're not actually saying what the problem is. It's like you're just bitching for the simple reason that you can. What we're asking is what exactly are you trying to get at? What is the point of your post? Serious question.

DragonKnight1957d ago

What part of "dedicating whole reviews to graphics and framerate" is something you don't understand, let alone unable to see that that is the exact problem I'm talking about?

Do I need to translate it into multiple languages, both real and fictional, for you to understand?

We've reached a point now where not only are developers creating blatant cash grabs, but gaming journalism is dedicating its time scoring the most mundane, pointless aspects of games. TLOU scored perfects everywhere because it deserved it. TLOUR doesn't even need to be scored because it's literally the same game, but here we are praising gaming journalism for scoring 1080p and 60FPS acting like this is the second coming or something.

It's a remaster of a game that already had impressive graphics, the content is literally the same, and people are going off their nut in jubilation for a remaster scoring the same as its predecessor literally because of graphics.

The absolutely sad importance people are putting on graphics continues to infect every level of the industry.

EData1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"We've reached a point now where not only are developers creating blatant cash grabs"

So the full game, plus all the DLC, plus it being re mastered for $50 is a cash grab? I would buy it all for $50 including DLC even if it wasn't re mastered. You have got to be kidding me with the cash grab non sense.

On the topic of the review, they are reviewing the package. They are letting people know if it is a good deal, worth getting etc... The package is the full game, plus DLC, plus re mastered.

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Speak_da_Truth1957d ago

UHHHH in the title after The Last of Us what comes next???? do you see 2 indicating a sequel or Remastered indicating the same game as the original with improvements to suit the new console. Pointless comment.

Mr Pumblechook1957d ago

The original The Last of Us PS3 game was rated 10 out of 10 by so many media outlets. The PS4 remaster has upgraded graphics, the extra DLC and more. So I find it absurd that some more partisan media outlets like Polygon and CVG are criticising it because the game is not 'original.' There are reviewers who are rating it down because it was first a PS3 game, however the reality is the remaster is probably one of the very best titles available on PS4 and anybody who is new to the PlayStation platform should pick this up.

DragonKnight1957d ago

I am loathed to ever agree with Polygon about anything, considering they are just an extension of Kotaku paid for by Microsoft and backed by SJWs, but they are technically correct that TLOUR is not original.

Reviewing a game for graphics and DLC is just wrong.

johndoe112111957d ago

So what? what exactly is the problem?

DragonKnight1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


You don't see an issue with dedicating whole reviews to graphics and framerate?

@Below: Good for them, I'm complaining now, so I guess your point doesn't matter. Pardon my lack of omnipresence in every article related to this subject, but I am but one person and not a god.

johndoe112111957d ago


I have seen digital foundry dedicate entire articles about the same exact thing and no one complains. What makes this any different?

johndoe112111957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"Below: Good for them, I'm complaining now, so I guess your point doesn't matter. Pardon my lack of omnipresence in every article related to this subject, but I am but one person and not a god."

I'm trying to understand if you're being senselessly sarcastic or if you are genuinely clueless about the topic. Are you saying that in the 7 years you have been discussing gaming news here that you have never seen or heard about the resolution and framerate articles that digital foundry does on almost every major game? Is that what that statement means?

Edit: No need to respond. Don't think I care anymore.

MasterCornholio1957d ago

There's nothing wrong with reviewing the master since many people want to know what the upgrades are. And as for the score well its still a fantastic game even after being released again on the PS4.

DragonKnight1957d ago

An entire review isn't needed to talk about the upgrades, nor is a score needed. Adding the score is literally for the upgrades considering nothing else about the game is different. Like I said earlier, it's completely redundant.

TheJacksonRGN1957d ago

This tool you guys are replying to seems to not realize that many people who own the PS4 have not played the original.

remixx1161957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


I see where your coming from but I also feel like part of those scores is because your getting the same great game, but with all the dlc , singleplayer and multiplayer included plus the 1080p 60fps and photo mode for 50 beans, sounds like a steal to me.

Insomnia_841957d ago

Dude, you are one of those that feel hurt with this release, we get it. Endure the suffering while others play the game, your choice.

Bathyj1957d ago

Johnedoe is correct. You're just whining because you can and trying to play down what everyone agrees is one of the best games ever made and well as now easy being the best game on a next gen console. I think that's what's really bothering you. I wonder if you'll be so harsh when Metro, or Masterchief comes out. Hell I wonder is you'd act this way if they could somehow get Titanfall remastered to run at 1080p 60fps.

You claim it's being reviewed just for graphics as if graphics alone can hold a game. I think the critical reception for Ryse proved it can't. And you act like all the other stuff that got that 95 average in the first place isn't all there still. It's there and more besides. Extra map packs add countless extra hours to the game and the left behind prequel which wasn't in the game when it was reviewed originally is a fantastic accompaniment and fleshes out Ellies character.

Should not all of that be taken into account in reviewing this game? How are all these big scores simply for graphics?

DragonKnight1957d ago

Ok, if you want to outright assume things about me, then you're just going to be made to be a fool.

You're implying that I am an Xbox fanboy, which in and of itself would get you laughed off the site if you ask people what kind of "fanboy" they think I actually am.

Next up, I have (and am actually playing right now) The Last of Us on the PS3. I've beaten it and am playing it again because I love the game. So trying to downplay the game? Please.

And finally, your example is so ridiculously flawed I'm surprised someone did walk by and smack you upside the head for even thinking it.

Ryse is a NEW game. There is no remaster for Ryse, it's not available on older consoles, it's completely new. Any review on Ryse would discuss everything because it's a new game.

The Last of Us is not a new game. Everything about The Last of Us has been discussed before when it released a year ago on the PS3. So you want to know what's so good about The Last of Us?

Pick a page. Everything in all of those reviews applies to any review done today with the exception of the following...

A.I. Tweaks
Texture Tweaks

So what's happening here is in the presence of pages of TLOU reviews that exist for the PS3 version of the game, copy and pasted reviews are coming out scoring the game with the only way to justify the redundancy is to score it based on the graphics.

95/100 isn't for everything else because, as I've just shown you, there are already reviews for The Last of Us based on its content and those reviews are a year old. To have any merit as a legitimate review, any reviewers can only be scoring the game on its upgrades because those are the only differences between the PS4 version and the PS3 version.

You're arguing in favor of a review system that reviews games based on graphics, visuals, basically the most superficial aspects of the game.

In fact, IGN's own review actually does what I suggested by linking to their 2013 review of The Last of Us for the PS3.

So if IGN acknowledges that the game is still the masterpiece today as it was a year ago, what point is there in posting a review for a game you already reviewed?

The answer is to review the G.D. graphics. And none of you have a problem with this because you're easily subjected to hype, dance for whatever B.S. the developers or publishers throw out there for you to dance to, and attack anyone who's trying to show you that YOU'RE THE PROBLEM.

This is missing a frame. The missing frame says "What if we repackage games with some minor upgrades and resell the same games to people."

That comic strip showcases every thing that people like you support and attack others for not supporting.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take my Xbox fanboyism (LMFAO, I can't believe I've had 2 people call me an Xbox fanboy today) and continue playing the year old, already reviewed, amazing game The Last of Us on the PS3.

Enjoy hating.

Oner1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Bathyj I have to confirm DK is not what you may think he is, though I have to say it's a bit odd what you commented DK (knowing/follwing you for a while now)...also it should be noted that Bathyj is a good poster here too. I'm positive it's just a bit of a miscommunication between you two stemming from Bathyj's minor assumption but warranted question of what was said DK.

slinky1234561957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

So what if the game is still a 10/10 to these people? What if the game is 10/10 to someone who hasn't played it yet?
What if the game being upgraded graphically really makes a huge improvement?
What if all the extra DLC content adds much more to the based game?
Are you really going to rate something low just because it came out a year ago in a downgraded form?
If it got a 7 or 6 from many reviewers how would that be accurate if they reviewed it a 10 previously? How in the world does an improved version get a lower score? Makes no logical sense...
They are reviews of the remaster of TLOU, not a new game. So if the remaster holds everything together the original did, plus adds so much more, why not rate it high?

It's a remaster and they're reviewing it as an excellent remaster.

ShinMaster1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

No. What they did is, they took the score from last year plus DLC and updated graphics into consideration.
Unless the game was downgraded somehow or more expensive, then I don't see why the score would be any lower.

Darkstares1957d ago

"It's actually sad that this game is being reviewed again"

Why wouldn't they? It would actually be ridiculous for them not to. Not every PS4 owner played the game, some may not even have paid much attention to it before until they got a PS4.

Of course most of the reviews will be based on performance and upgrades, so what?

I find it almost laughable that some are actually upset about this, like PS3 owners are forced to buy the game again. I think what's really going on here is they now know they have the inferior version and really want the newer and improved PS4 game but don't want to pay for it. That's ok, you can keep all your VHS tapes too, it's not like you are forced to buy them again on DVD or blu-ray.

MysticStrummer1957d ago

@DragonKnight - I hope you have said and will say the same about every collection, remaster, and/or GotY edition. Some of those don't even have graphical upgrades, but they are technically new releases so they get reviews.

maniacmayhem1957d ago

I understand what you mean Dragon but I think this is one of those games that can hold up even years later.

Like a good movie from the past that can be considered classic and watched now and in the future.

I went back and played Suikoden not too long ago and even in this day and age of 3D graphics, huge sandbox worlds and CGI cutscenes that game is still fun and I poured hours into it.

I think this is what TLOU:R is about and why it's still getting high reviews.

And you were actually accused of being a Xbox fanboy? Oh that IS hilarious!

BeardedPriest1956d ago

The trophies aren't the same.

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FireProChamp1957d ago

A 10/10 game that has been improved should still be a 10/10 game.

bleedsoe9mm1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

the way games are release today especially on pc make a day 1 review completely different from what a review will be 6 months after release . hard to use reviews as a buying game when they keep moving the goal posts for reviewers . personally i think they should have just put a link to the ps3 reviews and said slighly better graphics , and that would go for all other remasters including Halo MCC in case i'm called a sony hater .

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