Sims 4 developers hear your toddler demands 'loud and clear'

GameZone: "Maybe I'm reading a little too much into a simple tweet, but it sounds as if EA and Maxis are working to implement toddlers into The Sims 4. It may not make it into the launch of the game, but judging by a tweet from Sims 4 producer Grant Rodiek it looks like the team is focused on delivering this highly-requested feature to fans."

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-Foxtrot1961d ago

They know, they just don't give a shit because they know idiots are going to buy the game regardless despite the fact they keep screwing us over.

The Sims 4 should of been packed to the brim with core content after the Sim City fiasco but instead they've just carried on with their money grabbing ways. They think we are idiots as they blame "new tec" in the game which is the reason toddlers and pools don't exist, trying to make out like this is some really complex game when at the end of the day it's just the Sims.

Hell the biggest feature they are hyping up for the game is Sim "emotions".

Besides remember Sim City's DRM, they heard us loud and clear on that one but they didn't do anything....just continued to strip features from the game for later expansions.

aliengmr1960d ago

Of course they are, that was the plan. Cut features out and charge for them later.

And in typical EA fashion, bask in their own benevolence about giving fans what they want.