The Demo Is Dead, Long Live The Beta

With Destiny leading the way, are betas really better than demos?

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OC_MurphysLaw1957d ago

Betas are better than demos for devs on many fronts imo. you don't have to present as highly polished an experience as you do (should) in a demo. Demos are supposed to be representative of final product... betas don't carry that weight on their shoulders. Betas also can be done early enough to help devs get good feedback on a game in progress vs a demo that pretty much is final product. We need look no further than BF Hardline as an example of a Beta being a good tool for the Developer. Feedback was bad, they pulled the game back to re-tool. Had they waited and put out a demo in say early October that game would have died a fiery death. As it stands it has a fighting chance now to be good.

AllAboutGaming1957d ago

I'd prefer beta because I can make an informered purchase decision well before a game releases. Many times a demo comes out at release or after. Sometimes you just don't want to wait and get burned with a crap game.