New ‘Witcher 3′ Interview Talks About Teleporting, the Gabriel Crossbow & More | Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction:

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is without any kind of doubt the most anticipated role-playing game of this generation. Okay, the current-gen. has barely started, but you get the point. Because Wild Hunt is more or less seven months away from its release, there are still tons of details which have yet to be revealed.

As such, Analog Addiction has caught up with developer CD Projekt RED’s senior art producer, Michał Krzemiński, to chat more about the upcoming RPG. Here’s what he had to say…"

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bixxel1966d ago

It will surely be able to kill Ubisoft once, and for all.

Roccetarius1966d ago

''Let’s picture this – The Witcher 3 gets released, and people still can’t get enough of the franchise. If there is a high demand, would you reboot the series?''

''I think we’re not that kind of company, if you get my drift.''

Hmm, i do wonder what he meant with that. Reboots are usually the best of the best. /s

Either way, i'm excited for this.