Destiny's Biggest Flaws: One Area Per Planet and More

GGG says that while Destiny is shaping up to be a fantastic game and the next big social console gaming experience, that Bungie's new shooter isn't without problems and lists a few of the issues they hope to see rectified post-release.

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Sevir1958d ago

Old Russia's area in the beta is bigger than most of Titan Falls Maps a few ties over. Only 50% of the mao was exploreable in the beta! I don't see how this was is a flaw or a problem. There was already plenty to discover in the way of the "limited" experience we had... That Beta in all its 10% Glory was more complete than some games launcing this fall and games that have already launched.

TF and Evolve are Multiplayer only and Destiny Felt more complete than them or any call of duty game that was launched recently.

I simply cant wait for 9/9 and see the full scale and experience.

JeffGUNZ1958d ago

It was only 50% of the Old Russia Map unlocked? You have verification of that?

Oagoz1958d ago

There were a few areas locked that can only be accessible by glitching in

Sevir1958d ago

Yes, There were 4 area's I believe that could only be accessed and explored by Glitching... King Watch, Jovian Complex and Serphim Vault were all Places we were barred from entering in the Beta and all have very large open spaces for us to explore with high level enemies, and then ofcourse there were areas that were already accessible that simply was extremely difficult to traverse simply because the enemies that populated the area were Level 20 and killed you with one or 2 shots so they were never completely explored.

Kings Watch, Jovian Complex and Seraphim Vault are all points of major interest and story progressions and will be available in the full release, and Yes the make up 40-50% of the unexplored portions of OLD Russia.

madworld1958d ago

Old Russia it is amazing map from amazing sun set to sun raise,I am looking to buy it when it releases...

Jughead34161958d ago

I think the whole one area per planet thing is a bit overblown. You gotta remember that this is just the start of a supposed 10 year project. Plus, how many hours of gameplay did you get or could have gotten out of the beta. Once you get the full game, you'll see just how big this game is. There are several other locations on Earth such as Old Chicago, and Mumbai Push. Then you have the moon Europa and the Rings of Saturn. They'll most likely be DLC.

Palitera1958d ago

I don't think anyone has forgotten this, that the game is being delivered barebones to push DLC into people wanting diversity on the game.
It's obvious that the 10 years plan ensures heavy DLC business and who pays 200 bucks will have lots of planets and locations to explore.
The question is how the 60 USD game will fare.

Sevir1958d ago

Its not being delivered as Barebones to push DLC. YOU HAVE NO IDEA of how Large the maps are... OLD Russia in the Beta was only 50 or so percent explorable. There were 3 major Points of interest on OLD RUSSIA that was closed off unless you glitched your way with Tons of Loot, Enemies and new things to discover which made up the 50% of the map that was unexplored. You only PLAYED 1/10th of the content. ITS NOT the FULL GAME. Please be patient and JUDGE the FULL GAME on 9/9 when you experience it all when you have access to level 20 gardians with 2 classes and everything else that comes with it.

Shadonic1958d ago

@ Palitera

I understand the basic gamers worry about DLC and it is true that Bungie has DLC planned or should i say Activision as there required by i think contract to release 2 DLC per iteration so i think theres going to be a Destiny every 2 years so 4 titles going along with the contract so probably 2 DLC additions per game I think theres this sort of COMET thing included as well.

It's neither been confirmed or denied if those or just tidbits of whats to come in future titles or locations that will be explored through DLC or not. At this point its best to wait until the games out and see it for ones self as not even gaming news sites aren't exactly 100% accurate when it comes to Destiny information.

I wouldn't say barebones either that's honestly stepping into the prepper conspiracy theorist realm thinking like that especially considering the Beta and again we still don't know what they have planned and i doubt there going to beat us to death with expansion packs. All in all we just have to wait and see, I know from my past experinces with their games I've never run into any moment where I felt like I got a bare bones game like I have with titles Like BF4, or Watch Dogs, or Infamous SS ( good game but not a lot of content )

Palitera1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

You're comparing a campaign-focused game with a pure MP game?

If you wish to talk about MP, you have to compare the same aspect on both games. In this matter, I feel like Titanfall has much more polish (at least than the beta) and insanely better controls.

On the other hand, in Destiny you have actual RPG elements instead of typical unlocking stuff through challenges and levels.

As per innovation, I put both on the same low level. Destiny has the RPG elements brought to the MP matches, which are ULTRA GENERIC on everything else, and Titanfall has the parkour elements.

There's not much advantage to neither of them, specially if we enter the subject of overhyping.

Sevir1958d ago

Overhype, is an opinion and no one here is forcing you to buy it so save your rant as to why you're not getting it for those that share your opinion. The vast majority of the people who enjoyed it will be playing on Sept 9. I'm sure you'll have something exciting to play around the same time.

MysticStrummer1958d ago

"You're comparing a campaign-focused game with a pure MP game?"

Destiny has a campaign but it is definitely MP focused, though it's more co-op than competitive.

creatchee1958d ago

@Sevir - why are you comparing Destiny to Titanfall or Evolve? They couldn't be more different games - they just all happen to be in the FPS genre. A more appropriate comparison would be to Borderlands.

The only thing I didn't like about Destiny is the three person fireteam. It could be for selfish reasons - I have played almost every night for 10 years with the same three other guys and this puts us in an odd man out situation.

The game is awesome otherwise.

Sevir1958d ago

I'm Comparing based on Content! People are satisfied with TF even though its offerings are much more barebones that whats available in Destiny's Beta. there was much more to do in this game than in both those games combined! Content and offering is whats being compared and Destiny offers more, IN ITS BETA STATE.

Palitera1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

^ You're just crazy.

Both games are extremely repetitive in their nature, but while you'd be facing challenge in Titanfall playing in its repetitive maps, you'll be just grinding on Destiny, on its bigger maps filled with fodder enemies to pray to get some decent loot in the end, which usually is not coming.

You're simply crazy. Both games are so-so.

* We only know the game by its demo, I know. Or beta, if you prefer to call it by its nickname.

Pinkdolphinyfg1958d ago

Your comparing a game that's open world to games that aren't . Apples and oranges my friend. Nevermind the fact that Bungie flat out lied when they said the planets were about the size of Reach.

Lwhit61958d ago

Is the gaming world really so full of entitled little whiners that we complain about a huge map not being big enough?

Or 100+ hours of gameplay not being long or fun enough?

I say take the game for what it is. Its a huge open world full of opportunities and strengths. Why can't people just stop focusing on it's "short comings" and have fun?

Sevir1957d ago

Amen! People just b*tch and complain for no reason what so ever.

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waltyftm1958d ago

Loved the Beta, had more fun in 2 days playing that than i have had in a long while with other games.

devwan1958d ago

I put around 40 hours into the Beta and probably not far short of that in the Alpha... if it was live now I'd still be playing, capped at 8 or not :)

Barnaby-Jones1958d ago

Pretty disappointed. When I first heard of Destiny I thought there was gonna be many different places to explore. Sadly, I was wrong and I wish we could actually have space exploration and our ships were more than just a loading screen/transition to next planet.

GamingSinceThe80s1958d ago

Maybe it won't matter when the game comes out we will have to wait and see.But this one location per planet thing took my hype level from 100% to 20% in a hurry.Bungie needs to just come out with it and show us the full picture.I need more than words at this point.I was so excited for destiny that this resent news depressed the hell out of me. I should stop reading about it as I type this I feel sick about it.And all over a video game that is not even out yet.It may be time to start rethinking what I'm doing with my

Shadonic1958d ago

One of the developers commented on the worry saying there's much much more I guess there betting everything on players experiencing the game through actually playing through it and not seeing hundreds of videos and what not detailing and showing almost everything like its usually done 99% of the time. On the plus side when you do get to see whats and store and its really good then it adds to the experience like when I explored the vastness of the moon and how deep one of the areas went with its still locked off sections. On the bad side if its truly not that great then it will leave you disappointed.

youndamie1958d ago

I can't wait to try the space battles.

scott12346781958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Totally agree with two points...4 playable areas? I was thinking maybe 2-3 areas per planet at least.. no doubt there will be more at a price! Also the 3 player situation when playing missions what a horrible number!! Apart from that ill sure be there at the launch!!!

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