60fps gameplay of TLOU Remastered.

Gamersyde - As you certainly know already, The Last of Us Remastered is the PS4 version of the excellent The Last of US released last year on PS3. We are now releasing 4 1080p 60 fps videos showing a few different gameplay sequences from the first hour of the game. If you didn't play the game on PS3 you might want to skip these as it might spoil a few things!
You might also want to take a look at EHTONK's video on the community side of the site, with a great comparison of the PS3 et PS4 versions side by side.

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oODEADPOOLOo2858d ago

This is what I was waiting for, not all those fluff articles.

elhebbo162858d ago

Yea man I was getting tired of all the screenshot comparisons, you have to see the game in motion to actually see the difference.

ZodTheRipper2858d ago

Holy cow, finally some videos that do it justice! Now I'm excited, it's time to stack up on supplies (pun intended) for tomorrow :D

Dee_912858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )


Wizard_King2857d ago

So much awesome, my life is complete!


It's the same game as a year ago with a slight up res people, don't go crazy.

Funny thing is if I left out the \s and below you would all think my comment is legit. lolololol so much needless hype over nothing new.

Boody-Bandit2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

These are by far the cleanest videos I've seen of TLOU Remastered so far and finalized the decision for me. I was considering waiting for Gamefly to come through for me but I'm definitely going to purchase it instead.

The animation is so much smoother and the level of detail looks incredible. Naughty Dog has done an exceptional job. But what else is new?

The best game only got better.

Off to Best Buy (closest retail store to me) I go.

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jc122857d ago

Yeah, im pretty excited right now, I just picked up my copy on lunch break. Even better, I never owned a ps3 and never played the game before.

lifeisgamesok2858d ago

Not seeing a huge difference. Not worth the price tag

XiNarutoUzumaki2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

You are not worth living in this world.


YEah, a well-known troll's opinion should be taken serious huh? Good Luck with that.

jobboy2858d ago

oh come on it's just his opinion

LogicStomper2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

So you judge someone's argument based off personality rather than the argument itself? Interesting.

Clogmaster2858d ago

It's not personality. The official term is Credibility.

vergilxx32857d ago

If you think that every bad comment about game or sony is made by trols think again cuz I too think it's not worth it

Wizard_King2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I completely agree that it's not worth the price tag, the whole thing wreaks on price gouging money grab to me. Good game, yes, pretty game, yes. Same game as a year ago, yes. Key point 1 year old game with a slight up res isn't worth all this high praise or mad hype and it defiantly isn't worth the day 1 AAA price.

I'm not trolling that's my honest opinion. rehash is a rehash and the Sony crowd on here is going completely bonkers over it. I have never ever seen so many comparison articles and gameplay vids on N4G ever and it's not even a new game.

Yet we PC crowd get attacked about articles which show games with graphical mods. This is essentially the same damn thing, yet console owners are willing to pay for what is just a modded version of what most of them already own. AND if we didn't buy TLOU then we wont buy it now just for a few extra pixels.

Seriously guys get of the high horse for this one year old game.

thereapersson2857d ago

Wizard_king, got any PC games that have come out in the last year that have over 200 game of the year awards? That's why this game is still such a big deal. You may not like it, but it doesn't change the fact that this game is one of the few that is actually worthy of an upgrade.

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HeWhoWalks2858d ago

Of course it isn't, for you, since you don't own the system it's on.

@ jobboy: Please don't defend his nonsense. In any Sony topic, that's how he behaves.

OT: Tomorrow!!!

Angels37852858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )


And I'm not seeing a huge difference in your comments, your comment history or you're general agenda! Not worth listening to your opinion...

See what I did there?????

The game is only $ for a lot of people it will only be $25 if you trade in the PS3 version.

Good luck damage controlling the waves by trying to soak up the water with a napkin.

user74029312858d ago

ill be getting the 25 dollar discount, cant wait for this one.

ziggurcat2858d ago


"Not seeing a huge difference"

then take off your xbox-coloured glasses for a second. i'm willing to bet that if TLOU happened to originally be a PS1 title, you'd still say you're not seeing a huge difference.

this game looks gorgeous on PS4, and it's unfortunate that you're letting your stubborn allegiance to MS get in the way of enjoying one of the best games to ever come to console.

system222857d ago

It looks good, but not next gen good. It just looks like a higher res, 60 fps version of the ps3. When I think "next gen" I think caustics, ambient occlusion, hdri lighting, subsurface scattering etc... This doesn't really use any of that. It's a great game sure, but I don't think it's a showcase for the ps4. Games like drive club, ryse, AC unity etc... Those look next gen. Personally I would have waited longer to let them remake TLOU on a proper next gen engine. I played this on the ps3 and based on this, I'll pass on the ps4 version as better textures and faster fps don't really justify me buying it twice. Maybe you should take off the fanboy glasses and realize that this is a marginal upgrade. It doesn't mean that naughty dog and TLOU suck, they absolutely don't. It just means that some of us aren't impressed and that's ok. If you're impressed that's all that matters. It's your money, opinion and time so enjoy. Don't worry what others think, because it affects you in no way whatsoever

Kratosthegr82858d ago

I suggest you get your head out your @ss first...

GamersHeaven2858d ago

Well no one forcing you to buy a PS4 to play this game too bad you will be missing out on one of the greatest games of last generation.Than again this game is probably too mature for your taste better off sticking with Halo and those purple aliens.

system222857d ago

I love how people like you get personally offended because someone else has a different opinion. Seems really immature. Remind me never to go shoe shopping with you ;)

Whirlwind_Fanfare_082858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )


Dude, seriously? please stop.

EData2858d ago

Wow. You have legit hate for PlayStation. It's not even a fanboy thing really, you just hate it and everything on it. It's pretty ridiculous. I hope you can overcome that someday.

OT: This remaster does look brilliant though, seriously. I am excited for it.

MasterCornholio2858d ago

Hey hey hey!!!!

I have enough salt here at the beach and I dont need anymore from you.

The games amazing.

Just deal with it.

thehobbyist2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Yeah, it's hard to see the difference if you don't set the media player to one of the 60fps options lol shut up troll

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Edvin19842858d ago

Ill do you a solid ill sell it to ya for 55 lol... j/k just reserved mine I guess I was living under a rock it was only $49.95 on the PSN store. Cant wait finally I replayed Second Son for Platinum so time for something new.

Angels37852858d ago

LOL its not even 60 bucks! $49.99!!! and if you have last of us on ps3...when you trade its only 25!

MeliMel2858d ago

Its $49.99 Sasuke. But it probably varies wherever your at.

ziggurcat2858d ago


all you've needed to do was go to twitch, and watch people - who somehow got the game early - play.

jobboy2858d ago

yes but not at 60fps.... imo a real game changer

DoctorJones2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

This is why people say 60fps is better. Clear as day.

EDIT:And this is why devs will have it hard this gen, once you go 60fps it's hard not to notice the difference.

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