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Metro - "Whenever reviewing a remake, particularly one of a fairly recent title, we’re always wary of exactly how much we should assume the reader knows about the original game. But that is pretty much the whole point of The Last Of Us Remastered. It was originally released at almost exactly this time last year for the PlayStatiion 3, but at that time the Xbox 360 was dominant in the US and UK and so plenty of gamers missed out simply by virtue of having a different console."

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XiSasukeUchiha1726d ago

Good to perfect scores on this game:)

user74029311726d ago

gettin dem salty disagrees lol

JackOfAllBlades1726d ago

Ikr, it's a great game, what's wrong with releasing a better version of the game on better hardware. You don't gotta buy it

andibandit1726d ago

how is 9/10 a perfect score?

CervantesPR1726d ago Show
joab7771726d ago

Im not going to nitpick but its obvious this reviewer would also have given a 10 to this game had it been released for the first time. Well, many will see this review number and miss where hew says that it is one of the beat story based games of all time.

Now most ppl know about this game so its no big deal and 9 is a great score but it makes u wonder how games should be reviewed if they r GotY releases or remastered.

shammgod1726d ago

my weekend is booked reliving this masterpiece.

PrinterMan1726d ago

Although a pretty good review I disagree that at any point in the game did the characters have little depth. Right from the start the characters were the game imho. Sure predictable story as in someone is immune and must get to ... But, even that I think to a back seat to the characters. 9/10 is a great score and nothing is perfect so the review score is right. I just have a different opinion in a couple things, as it should be. Can't have everyone's personal taste the same. One persons junk is another persons treasure.

joab7771726d ago

Story is entirely predictable. And to say its cookie cutter, if some do, its b/c almost every template has already been used somewhere.

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ape0071726d ago

good review but this game is a 10 out of 10 in my humble opinion

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