AMD & Raptr Counter NVidia's GFE & ShadowPlay with GVR

GamersNexus: "AMD has recruited game software development group and social media network Raptr to contribute to its "Gaming Evolved" application. The two companies announced today their "Game Video Recorder," or "GVR," in direct competition to nVidia's ShadowPlay. The GVR shares some similarities to ShadowPlay in its processing, which we'll discuss before getting into AMD specifics."

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SteamPowered1960d ago

I wouldn't really call a feature that is taken directly from their competition "interesting"...

SnakeCQC1960d ago

Well nvidia certainly didn't do video capturing first. There were mainly utilities that allowed gamers to do it for years before shadow play.

SteamPowered1960d ago

Yeah video capturing has been around for a while. I was referring to Sasuke's eternal useless comments.

bmf73641960d ago

This has been out for awhile now... this crap isn't news until Raptr adds Mantle support to it.

deerain1960d ago

Interesting in that I didn't know my AMD could do that and its not like Nvidia came up with the idea of video capturing so its not really taken from the competition more like adding a feature to the gpu.

Volkama1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Raptr hired the guy responsible for RadeonPro and this is his work. It's like there is some reason AMD cannot give him a direct contract, so they are paying a 3rd party to hire him on their behalf.

I hear it is a pretty solid feature though, very minimal hit to performance.

brainfart1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Actually I just used Amd's gvr I didn't notice a fps hit at all.Works great I recorded 6 min video only 207 mb 1080p/60,you'll still have to use a 3rd party yo make the video quality a little more crispier!

SnakeCQC1959d ago

That's kind of disappointing hope they add 2k plus support in the future.

ATi_Elite1960d ago

Both work great and it made me stop using fraps lol finally

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