Trade on your PS3 copy of The Last Of Us to get the Remastered for $25 at

One week ago, Gamestop has revealed a new offer to trade a PS3 copy of The Last Of Us to get the PS4 version for $25

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headwing451965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

This actually isn't a bad deal considering The Last of Us in Canada is 54.99. Still I'm really not one to trade my games away.

1964d ago
AllAboutGaming1964d ago

Available in the US too. GameStop with a good trade-in value? Am I dreaming?

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1964d ago

Trade in a game and lose money to buy the same game you just traded in.

People are actually stupid enough to do this.

Remastered games this gen are a waste of money. Last gen was actually worth it because you got those games in HD for the first time and the jump in graphics was a big deal when going from PS2 to PS3.

stripe8141964d ago

its not stupid if one wants to replay a game and wanted to enjoy the rest of the multiplayer, dlc, and on a higher frame rate..only stupid is the guy who whine that a remaster is a waste of time because he dont want to..let them do what they want and stop being whinny its not your money and choice..jealousy is bad

Lionsguard1964d ago

Better than spending full price on the game again and having an obsolete copy that you'll never touch again. Plus like stripe814 said, it comes with DLC, photomode, etc.

hadouken0071964d ago

U sir are a lying bowl of turd. I bought my remastered copy today, and I feel good about spending my money on what I want.

Robearboy1964d ago

Ive not actually commented on the "HD re-master" bull crap in fear of upsetting certain people and losing comment bubbles but the fact is I cant believe that a game that is barely one year old has been given a bit of spit and polish then re released and to make matters worse, people are lapping it up like a cat licking cream - Shame on you all, as long as you peeps keep approving this crap then the more companies will take the piss

sandman2241964d ago

I tried it yesterday it works only on the physical copy. I wanted the digital copy. So I didn't trade in my psi version. Instead I sold it for 9 dollars a and boughttheremasteredoff ofpsn.

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